Photograph : Tom Humphries

One day I wont be here – Tom Humphries

Photograph taken by local Photographer Tom Humphries. I was able to sit with him after fellow photographer Stuart Myers mentioned to me that Tom wanted to take my picture.

Im really quite fussy when it comes to having my picture taken. I know I got an eye for images and feel and play the role of Art Direction and in this case I didn’t have control which takes me out of my comfort zone.

He took a few pictures, but personally this is my favourite. To this date if I can leave with one image this is it. I’m sincerely passionate about what I do and how I’m taken. For fist time I seen the tole on my face for the many many years of hard work I’ve been putting into this culture. Thanks Tom you gave me and my family something to really appreciate, one day I wont be here.

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