New Show edited by Pritt Kalsi 40 0z Saga

The 40 OZ Saga is the brain child of both Ron Hygh and Diceman Sean Jennings of the Legion. 

Both of them hailing from the Bronx NYC came together after a great opportunity came about whilst Ron had been recording some sessions at this Studio located in Seattle.  Mob Studios is this incredible unit, laid out to accommodate recording artists, filmmakers and events.  The team at the studio are highly skilled and carry a wealth of experience within the Media and music field.

Sean had spoken to me a few times regarding this idea that had been presented to him by Ron and that he would like to introduce me to him to listen to his idea and possibly add on. Brainstorming together to help create a plan in turning his idea into a reality. 

Ron had everyone at the studio on board.  What did we discuss?  I asked what is their vision? Who is your target audience? What resources are available?  How do we invision the interviews going?  Where can we take the show? How can we be different? 

What can I bring to the table?.  Firstly as an editor, I can put the show together and edit it.  Even though I live in the UK and the show is filmed in Seattle can we find a solution where I can work and complete and present a show in good time. 

Also we talked about the direction and having a clear plan.  After a few meetings with Ron and Sean the next meetings were with the team at Mob. 

Prior to the meeting, they made themselves very aware of my work and abilities and together we discussed how I could access the footage. Which proved to be simple as they gave me access to their server.  We discussed the shots, camera angles and the spaces to be used within their studio. 

This is a completely new venture for everyone involved. The skills and abilities the tools the talent are all there, but we are not under any illusion that this will take time. It is not easy to be in front of the camera. To conduct an interview and get the best out of somebody is not something simple.  

What is show – 40 0z Saga is a show aimed at black and wider audience dealing with grown men issues.  Ron himself is very invested in a healthy lifestyle.  As a chef, he has his own business and cares enough about men’s health that he wanted to put this programme together.  He has a history with Sean from their younger years in the golden era days of Hip Hop.  Ron was ne responsible for many of the designs of the well known Troop Brand in his youth.  Sean had a record deal with his group The Legion releasing a record considered a classic Jingle Jangle. 

Last year they filmed two episodes, which I edited.  Looking back we held these shows back, using them to reflect on how we can make the show better.   Since then we filmed two new episodes which will be released soon. 

I see lots of potential here.  What separates them from the many other black media outlets is the production values which makes the 40 OZ Saga stand out for me.  With the house band the studio, the team that originally was set out to be a zoom type platform podcast is what you see above.  This is more than a conversation or podcast, this is a Saturday night show. Performances by the very talented house band, Sean and guests. 

It is important to remember that there has been no outside investment from anywhere this is a production made by a few people that thought it was a good idea and that it was important to them to make it.

If you are in the UK and looking to produce an upscale show, and are looking for direction or editor feel free to contact me.  As the call me in the States ‘The Wizard’

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