About Pritt Kalsi


Multiple Award winning Artist Pritt Kalsi has been involved in the Graffiti Scene since 1984. Growing up in Birmingham he was very quickly influenced by the spirit of the city and the hip hop scene that took it.  As other music trends and cultures came and went. Pritt stayed true to his Hip Hop roots and went to New York to search out his peers and those that pioneered this movement.

Whilst studying design, Pritt became interested in film-making and photography, whilst at the same, learning the in’s and out of sampling and DJing. Working with drum machines, old records, turntables and 4 track recorders. After meeting Legendary UK Graffiti Artist,  The Artful Dodger, Pritt was inspired to make his first film, The King of The Beats. This became an underground hit and Inspired beat competitions all over the world. This led to Pritt making more films.  The film Turntable Trixters about UK group ‘Hijack’ sold out shows at London’s National Film Theatre.  Returning to NYC Pritt’ worked and filmed so many of the Hip Hop greats, Marley Marl, Jazzy Jay, Main Source, Zulu Nation, DJ Premier. Leaders of the New School, Africa Bambaata…too many to mention.

Through working and recording with groups including the Beatnuts and Ultramagnetic M.C’s he formed the King of the Beats Record Label, pressing limited edition records. Sold and distributed globally. In his spare time Pritt would paint. 2013 Pritt is releasing his first series of prints. 7 Paintings, limited to 100 prints. Originally painted with spray cans. All hand numbered and signed by Pritt himself. This is your chance to own a piece of art from one the UK’s most respected Hip Hop Artists.

Pritt Kalsi is a award winning artist, 2018 best music producer award.  2018 Best Documentary Award.


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