40 OZ Saga featuring Anthony Danza – Edited by Pritt Kalsi co directed

After almost a year we return to produce 2 more shows of the 40 Oz Saga.  The team lead by Ron Hygh and Sean Jennings AKA the Diceman of the group the Legion reassemble back in Seattle with the crew at Mob Studios.

After reflecting on the first 2 pilot issues ( which you can view on my earlier bog post).  We was able to see where we can improve on the past episodes. 

This is a collective effort where everyone from the studio, production, the band the hosts and myself sat in meetings planning and discussing how we can tweak the show. 

My role again is the final editor, we concluded in future that  I should also take on a onsite directorial role. 

Although Ron is a New Yorker he has relocated and is very connected within the Seattle Scene.  This Episode I was introduced to Anthony Danza, a very successful artist in that city and area. 

On the postproduction I have access to Mob Studios Server where I had to download 509 GB of content for the 2 episodes.  After 80 hours downloading the files It spent a further 41 hours editing.  Please bear in mind I’m working on a 2013 Imac. 

I see lots of potential with the show.  The studio and environment created by the team at Mob is everyones dream space going into something like this.  The band are very very good.  They work with the artist s very hard to deliver and interpret their sound.  We are in a very good position.  I have expressed my concerns and see where on the editing side they do need to invest in a new machine for me just so I can edit with out seeing smoke coming out the side of my computer.  Joking aside really to put 509GB through a machine at one time requires a lot of power. 

To be the Machine you have to have the machine.

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