Behind the Scenes September / October 2015

Over the last month I’ve been locked in my home feeling like house arrest working on the this film. Very few people have seen me. My Normal routine would at least go to the city on Saturday to catch up with old friends for something to eat and a record dig. I’ve not done that in nearly 3 months.

I’m very close to completing this film. Whilst working on it, I did shoot some of the behind the scenes goings on to document for my self this journey.  I recorded my skype calls with friends that have supported the project and who had an inside glimpse of the work. Not being part of a production team or being managed by anyone I don’t have professional filmmakers around me to talk too.

I’ve been bouncing ideas round with trusted friends. One of those you will see in this scene is my friend Elliot from the group E.S.P on Select Records.

My mother who’s been my biggest supporter over the last few years, through all the let downs and bad times which all seemed to happened since 2012 has really been there for me, whilst ive worked on this film, the times I had no money, couldn’t afford to eat, she knew id be working on this, she would give me a call I have dinner if you want to pop over. How is the film coming on.  A creative her self and passionate about her textiles, she is the lady behind the Diamond D shirt the Ultimate Break Beats Jacket you see BB Lou rocking. Whilst making this film I lost 3 people very dear to me, time is very precious I learnt. I see know how important it is to document your own history.

I have also really enjoyed working on the music score for this film, it gave me a good excuse to get my fingers dusty and go digging for sounds that would bring this movie to life.

One fantastic experience whilst working on this film was working with DJ Disk, him being in California posed a real problem shooting him. We came with idea of doing the shoot through Skype. He arranged Camera man Mathew Alhoner to do the shoot as I directed from my home here in the Midlands. Together we made it happen and got the scene edited the day after shooting. This opened my eyes to what can be achieved when working with the right people who share the same vision. People who understand what it takes and have the drive to make it happen.


One thought on “Behind the Scenes September / October 2015

  1. Hi, I have been following the making of this production it comes across as an intimate look into authentic Hip Hop music culture. Much needed in these watered down times!!

    Good luck


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