There was a time me and Mello would calling each other regularly I would go as far as saying one the most interesting people in my circle. He would always phone greeting me in Punjabi, throwing me off wondering who is this. Mello does go through some phones.

We have maintained a pact that we made many years ago and to this day have stuck to it even in our recent absence from being in touch with each other.

For those that maybe reading this that do not know who MC Mello is, he is among the most significant, intelligent and couscous recording artists to have come our of the UK since the 80s. He played a major part in the scene and like DJ Pogo, Monie Love, Sparki Ski bridged the gap between here and the USA in those ever so important years we call the Golden Era.

Working along The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, 45 King and Gangstarr to just name a few, He is in many people eyes here in the UK the unspoken member of the Native Tounges.

Mello along Jay King made the trip to the Midlands to sit on the viewing draft number 3 of the film I have been working on.  We shot some footage towards the film. I’m not going to explain why yet, but there is an angle I do want to explore. Anyhow here is an out take from one from the shoot, Mello reflects on his time with Public Enemy and there front man Chuck D.

After viewing this for those that know his music already and those that don’t glancing at the message currently being delivered in popular music listening back to first Album ‘Thoughts Released’ maybe refreshing enjoyable listen.  We need more artists with substance weather young or old, there is nothing like good music that stimulates the mind.

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