Malcolm A.K.A DJ Midday thanks for the message of motivation

It’s not long now until I will head back to NYC to show my film to those that took part in it and possibly embark on my next project.

The last 3 years has been a little bit difficult, it’s been hard to find the motivation to get into this film. The archive of footage collected goes in to well over 30 hours shot. It can get a little overwhelming to get started.

Living out side the city now of Birmingham things can become very isolated. A lot of my friends moved out of town. I don’t really get to see the crew as much as I used too. So over the last year I embarked on transformation of my self I started to take care of my self. I took up running and eating healthy, to improve ones inner self is a good place to start to get energized.

I stopped going into the city to hang out, my time could be spent being more productive. Unfortunately I’m not managed I don’t have deadlines I work at my own pace, I had to put a stop to that and my solution was buy a ticket to NYC and turn up there with a film. I perform best what my back is up against the wall.

For a minute I lost the hunger and will that Id carried for so many years. Anyhow that’s changed. I built my studio and surrounded my self with pieces that remind me of why I got in to this.

I want to thank those that supported me and shown me love, my friends here and overseas. Recently I got spend some time With Break Beat Lou and Peatnut Butter Wolf (my first meeting with him) and to be able to share that time and get to know each other more meant a lot. They were open for me to join them on their tour, sadly I could not make it all as I have to work. They offered me a platform share their experience.


Yesterday my old friend Malcolm aka DJ Midday out of Brooklyn visited me. He wanted to say something to me that he didn’t mind me sharing. I don’t mind sharing this with people visiting my site. For me I can go back to this in those low moments and be reminded that I got a lot to get on with and further more achieve.

Create your own lane.

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