How my ideas usually start.

Earlier in the week I started work on a new t-shirt idea. Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s poster artwork that was popular in the San Fan, Bay area.

Long before i ever knew about Hip Hop, my house was the home of psychedelic music and art thanks to my older brother and sister. Anyhow recently I saw a poster that I wanted to try recreate, but now to have a little hip hop flavor to it.

The original sketch featured names from the upcoming film ‘looking for the perfect beat’. I posted it on facebook to only get a lot of private messages ‘Pritt, where is my name?’. So yesterday my brother Kool Keithee McKenzie visited me to shoot my whilst sketching out a new idea. 3 years ago I got this slider for my camera, but I haven’t had a chance to use it. I picked up 2 tripods the other day from ebay, so this was the perfect opportunity to have a play.

In between editing my film this is how i spend my time now. either cutting up records or doodling. So here you go, this is quick look at how I usually work, and develop my ideas into a final product.

The poster features the names of artists who have always had my back and to this day stay in touch and support my work, if i missed anyone I’m sorry. I just ran out of paper.

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