The things that are very special.


Today i received this pic, it really made my day.  Legendary Grandmaster DJ Disk from the Invisible Skratch Piklz had framed one of my pieces and hung it in prime position in his recording studio. 

Why this made my day was that Disk is someone that i believe is borderline Genius, someone who from a very early age and where going back to the late 70s had this vision of a DJ, I have seen sketches he did as a kid, one turntable and mixer, this was long before he got turntables.  He then went on to become a DJ, but unlike most DJ’s he focused on the one turntable and this new thing called scratching.  Along side his crew the Sratch Piklz took scratching to new heights, somewhere i think to this day no body has still come close.   They developed innovated styles, creatives will always create.   Beyond that me and Disk kept a great friendship.  We would talk over and still talk over ideas, concepts, here is someone that i can bounce off, and him likewise.

He is a serious record collector, very in tune with me and my older brother.  He surrounds him self with art and creative things.  We all had our up and downs and came out bigger men and we are still here.

One great memory was that Disk had been telling me about his  band ‘Tabla Beat Science’. So I checked them out, my cousin who plays Tabla also checked them out, He was like ‘Pritt that guy is incredible, I can not do that, his level is a master of it’.  So i spoke to my father who is 70 plus years who once tried learning how to play them.  He broke it down to me, that you learn by a language not music sheet.  So I asked him who is the best in the world? his answer was Zakir Hussain, who was playing Tabla in the band non other than Zakir Hussain. 

Although we are thousands of mile apart, Diamond D said to me, its really about people who you keep in your circle. So to see my Star Wars piece hanging in this mans studio.  It means a lot to me as this one artist recognizing another, in my world that speaks volumes.


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