Behind the scenes – Tha 4orce. Good Guys Never Win

Shot straight after completing the video for ‘Good Guys Never Win’ by ‘Tha 4orce’. Myself, Steven Ellington (tha 4orce) and Andy Higgs sat down to reflect on the days going on.

This video was done on a zero budget, but as Tha 4orce is part of the team we came together to try do something different.

The video features Andy Higgs, hailing from South London. He has established his name as an up and coming photographer and videographer. He was also part of the team that headed out to NYC last year to work with me on the King of the Beats film ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’.

It was a nice day. The sun came out. We was able to shoot, edit and upload the video in a day. Here is our take on the days goings on. enjoy

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