Paul C Update – Positive Response


Since putting up the film, the feedback has been nothing but positive.  Thankfully as mentioned in the first article this is by no means to be taken as the definitive film. 

There are still a few key people to take part.  3 of the four parties have since come forward.  Last week Jim Slice, the original DJ for Sleeping Bag artist Stezo Put together a short piece for the flick featuring Mr Skull Snaps himself Stezo and producer Chris Lowe.  Also Phase contributed a video speaking of his time working with Paul and CJ Moore. Dib Stacks otherwise known as Rhythm who contacted me after watching part 1 and 2 was instrumental in getting Phase to take part.

Cool V DJ for the Diabolical Biz Markie had been in touch over the last couple of weeks, in-between shows as they are both currently touring across the states He has promised to shoot some footage to contribute towards the film. Both him and Biz were working with Paul.

Finally I did speak to Large Professor who to my relief felt that the content of the film did represent Paul well and that he will take part.  Large Pro will be in the UK next month touring so maybe we will catch up.

I have tried to Reach out to Rhazel but have been unable to make contact.

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