All New Video for Rock Band Feral Sun

Many years back I met and befriended Jay Stephenson.  We very quickly become good friends. I was the only Indian boy in our year and him the only Jamaican, (not forgetting Pretty and Stacia!!!! XX) which really didn’t mean much to us back then we was kids like everyone else.

In 1982 i was introduced to my first ever DJ set up, that was because Jay’s older Brother Mark was part of a Sound System.  It was until only recently I discovered that musical gifts the Stephenson boys had may of been passed down by their father who I found out was part of a well known Reggae outfit. I knew him for his Martial Arts, he was my instructor. He helped build me a lot, finding my inner strength. He told me only 2 weeks ago that before Jay or I was born he was given a choice music or martial arts. He chose Martial Arts his Son Jay chose the other.

Hip Hop came along and we were totally absorbed by it. He had  lighter fingers than me, so on our belt driven decks I could not scratch but he could. He mastered mixing from the get go, It took me a bit of time to get it, in fact I remember he taught me how to count a beat.

We would spend hours getting together at his crib having fun with turntables. Him Jason Coombes and Steve Bridger where all part of the mix. Our first gigs where are community halls. Picking out our records and what we mix we are going to drop. Really fun times. I can remember when he picked up drum sticks. His set up was in the Atic. From my house to his you could hear him practicing.

When we left High School we parted. I went off to study Design and him Sports. Many years later we met again. It was a pleasure to learn we both kept up our passion for music and things creative.

He was drumming with his band called Feral Sun. A heavy Rock outfit. Seeing that I had done some videos for hip hop acts he asked if I would be interested in taking on a Rock Video. How can I turn that down. Alongside my video partner Keith McKenzie & NeNe we met the band at their Birmingham O2 Academy to film their performance.

Here is the new single and video from Feral Sun, filmed and edited by your truly. Here is to friendship and success. Jay wish you the very best Ninja!!

I would like to dedicate this feature to our great friend Rhett Butler, who also had a real passion for music that was also in the same year. R.I.P.  I remember when you got your guitar bro

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