Those that know about me of have read through my Blog will know that I’m unfunded film maker.  In 1997 I started working on my project ‘The Men & Their Music’.   The Paul C film started out as a chapter of that, manifesting into its own project. 

TeQnotic and I worked together on this project creating a poster fitting for the film.  I played the role of Art Director, TeQnotic the artist.  Here is your chance to own 1 of 50 limited Edition Posters signed by myself the director of the film.  As a thank you gift to those that supported the project, took part in the project, members of Paul’s Family I am trying to raise the funds to get posters printed and shipped to them.

This is a one of chance to own a copy of the poster never to be reprinted.  If you watched the film and would like to support real independent film making, please feel free to show your support.

Poster can be purchased here.

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