Survival of The Hardest Working? Its in my Blood.


For a good few years I have been looking for this photograph.  As in most cases it turned up unexpected this morning.  Its a solid and firm reminder to me that this is the reason I must work hard and never give up my dream. 

I can admit as a teenager I was not the ideal son.  Growing older I changed, and for the better I believe.  Those that know me very well can tell you about my attitude, personality and work ethic, striving to create and innovate.  At times I loose my way but today finding this has only re lifted my spirit.  Outsiders like Jazzy Jay and Mikey D who spent to time with me and my family soon discovered I was not born with a silver spoon.  So many people think and assume that I got it made, far from it.  I just come correct.

As a unfunded film maker and artist all I have done I have funded my self.  Working hard jobs to not only fund my work but to support my family struggling to make ends meet.  Living in Birmingham away from the capital cities distractions has always kept me rooted with the simple things in life, appreciating the little things that we take so much for granted.  I’m serious about my work, so please don’t be offended if I don’t take to your showboating and glitter and Silver sparkly outfits.  I like to surround my self by people who grind, people with a vision and a true passion for their craft.

The picture above is my Great Grandfather and my father to the right of him.  A childhood of poverty, life with no shoes, He worked every hour God sent him to give us a better life.  I’m grateful to my family that supported me with my art and dream. I know there are many of my friends who share my views and who are made from the same mold. I take my hat off to all those grinding and working hard.

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