Posters Due in and Ready to Ship August 30th


Posters are due in this week, ready to ship out on the 30th.  Andy Higgs pictured above, Cameraman and part of the Team that went out to the states to make this movie.  He visited me last weekend to check out the poster art and discuss some of the ideas for the book and film.

I first met Andy at one of the King of the Beats shows held at Brick Lanes Vibe Bar.  He was there taking pictures, We had talked on facebook but never met.  It appeared he was quite active on the scene.  From South London, He had been involved in a number of crews, even put out a record back in the golden era.  Lover of Records and Graff, after speaking to him he sent me some of his work, it looked great and from then on he was down. At the time I was trying to build awareness for the event we was running and his pictures captured the goings on very well.

When I made the 2011 Film Chronicling the Birth of King of the Beats Andy helped out a lot. He shot the opening scene.  Traveling back and forth from London all the time proved to be quite expensive.  Andy stepped up and took my roll and shot some great interviews for that project.

By the time we left out to NYC for this project Andy has now really taken to shooting film apposed to when I first met him and he was just shooting stills.  Invested in more gear and improved on his skills a great deal.   He proved to be a great asset to the team on the shoot, capturing some beautiful shots.   As we are trying to raise the money to finish shooting the project.  If you have checked out the trailer, you can see how we are coming.  This is a true grass roots project with a great history.


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