Please Support The Project If You Are Feeling The Trailer


Thank you for all the support, Breakbeat Lou, Marlon Williams, Eric Orr, Too Tuff and Ray West my dear friends who really went out and blogged the hell out of this.

I have received a lot of messages asking me when will this film will come out.  There is still a lot to do and shoot, I missed a lot of people out there due to my short time in NYC.  As many of you probably could see, there is real scope here to in creating a timeless piece.

Unlike most films, this film was not funded or made by a production company.  I am regular person living not in London but just outside Birmingham City.  I work in a factory and have a passion for this culture, to do this to this has cost me more than you will ever know.

Thank fully, if it was not for the support and respect for my work from the many greats that took part, this could never happen.  If it was not for Jazzy Jay that took me under his wing after seeing how I live for himself we would not be able to document the many true artists featured.

To complete this film will take another trip to NYC.  I’m selling limited edition poster art by Chris Malbon to raise the much needed funds.  If you would like to see this film completed please support the project and purchase a Poster. Shipping Day 30th August.

P.S  if you are finding any problems with the store, please let me know.

Get the Poster Here

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