Justice For Ricky Reel.

This is very personal to me.  23 years ago my little bro alongside his friends went out for the night. Unknown to others this would be his last night. 

My memories of Ricky were nothing but great.  Younger then me he like my little bro.  We was very close as children when the families would see each other all the time we would always spend time together. 

Watching tape after tape of Laurel and Hardy, we would sit there howling laughing together watching them.  All the kids would be together.  If there was a family function we would have some low level job like pealing potatoes chopping onions passing the time telling each other stories. 

Ill never forget those summer holidays when I would be sent to London to stay with my family.  Uncle was in the building trade and would always be working on a project that we would end up being the laborer’s.  Infact we was getting lessons we were being taught how to build our own homes, gaining skills when most kids were out there playing.  Not to say we didn’t get our fair share of that. 

When work had to be done play time was over.  As a family all of us would stick together, I really miss them days.  Ricky had a great energy if ever he turned up what ever was going on, he lifted every ones spirits, even though he was a quiet guy. 

The last time I saw you in person you came to the BMX track, me and you went there to collect my bike of Anthony (RIP) we had some fun. 

To my Auntie and Uncle Mrs Reel, they have suffered loosing there son.  I remember walking out my job when we was told he has gone missing.  I did not return to work until it was all over. 

In the early days when they set up the Justice for Ricky Reel campaign I remember meeting songwriter and producer Rishi Rich who supported the cause and got involved performing and some of the fund raising events. Years Later he has written and produced this song to raise awareness of the case.  If you have time please make your self familiar with the case.   Justice for Ricky Reel.

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