The future is smart and bright

The future is bright, I’m not talking about me. I would like to talk about the production crew behind a campaign I took part in.

It started with a message from a lady named Emma from an organization Kastwork who spotted me on Instagram. She thought I had a look suitable for a project. She approached me and asked if I would be interested. After losing my job 4 weeks ago why not I thought.

The journey began with me arriving at Hotel next to the shoot midday Monday. I was met by a very charming young lady, who let me know that I was the first and only customer to the hotel. It had been closed over the lockdown. Aleksandra managing the hotel assured me I will make sure you get the best room you are spoiled for choice. She was very funny. We talked a little about why I was in London, and that she knew of the studio as a lot of guests are working there. Learning that I had lost my job she said this is good karma for you. This is how my trip started.


On the morning of Wednesday 7:45 a cab picked me up and took me to the studio which was only about 5 mins away if that. I must say I was very nervous about this. Do not mess this up I kept telling my self and stay calm do not break a sweat.

Arriving at the Studio I was met by 2 very young people who turned out to be the heads of the production team. This is where my story really begins. I have never really worked on projects where I have been part of a team. I have worked with individuals and in my old job at the factory, I was part of a team but in a totally different environment (automotive). This was the first time to experience it in a professional creative sense. Remember I am a Gorrila filmmaker.

I was met by Sophie and George. They greeted me and took me around the studio introducing me to everyone. The majority of the team was young in their 20 and 30s I would like to say, and they were brilliant.

The first group I had to work with was the stylists.   Natasha and her assistant Amy. They took a look at my outfits and immediately got to work pressing my jacket and jeans getting them ready for the shoot. Natasha by one degree of separation have a mutual friend and she is quite a music person. Showing me videos of her two-year old that does the most on beat head nod you will ever see. The little girl would respond to the beat drops.


Once the outfits were picked I was introduced to the hair and makeup team. I’ve never experienced this anywhere before but I was in such good spirits I’m really going embrace the moment. So firstly I passed onto the Hair Team led by Chris Kurz and his assistant Maria. He is cool as funk. Very experienced they have both been working years in the industry fashion shows, shoots like this and TV. They work fast. I was then passed onto the make up artist Julia and her assistant Larisa who at 23 has only been doing makeup for the last 3 years. She discovered a talent and applied her self to in this short time proving to be one of the UK aspiring stars. It was when she was doing some touch-ups on me, getting me ready for camera I started to think about how I’m starting to see how brilliant this young generation is.   That sadly I’ve been guilty in the past thinking I know better today I was the person not in charge.

I felt inspired and optimistic about this generation. Talking and listening to everyone about their journey and also their achievements and roles they have undertaken past and present. This team was brilliant. Set designers had 2 days to come up with my set. From It’s conception to presentation for use. They got it done, they were chilled and joyful. Even though there are teams involved you can see that all the different teams were working together never against each other. There is a lesson here for us older independent type artists who are still trying to build something. We are not competing with this young generation but I’m seeing how the best of them are doing their thing. I am learning from them.  I really really enjoyed the experience 5th August 2020.

The Team was led by Angela  ( A giant in the creative world ) who has years of experience in advertising.  She had put together this outstanding team, these people are the future. Sophie is 26 years old and has total control of the shoot proceedings. Talking to her she has years already directing and managing film shoots. She is the prime example of what our children should be aiming for. She has clearly worked hard and applied herself.   I would like to the older generation that is reading this think for a second this is the standard and environment that exists out there. We should embrace it. I can only say they embraced me. They showed me a thing or two.

I was then taken down to the shoot where I was to join the photographer and very colourful Aleksandra Kingo who was very kind to me. Made me feel very at ease. I’m not used to this. I’m always behind the camera directing. Its one thing doing selfies and been directed. Now I know what I put others through. Take a look at her work and style.

Part of her team was Alex Poll, he was in control of the lighting. I can say one thing that my weakness is lighting. I have had little experience and knowledge of that. We sat down and talked about it discovering that Alex also teaches regarding this field. It was pretty cool to discover that he also is a record collector and fan of the movie ‘I’m no longer here’. He is the only person I know who has watched it. If you’re a DJ you need to see this film or research this movement cumbia music. How they are taking old records and slowing them right down and creating a new dance. That is a real subculture.

Once I finished the shoot I was welcomed to hang around and watch the shoot. This goes back to what I was saying. This team knew something about what I’m doing as an artist and filmmaker and asked me to feel free and see from behind the scenes for the rest of the day how things are done.

This is where I want to conclude this post. I would like to of course thank Emma for this opportunity and Sophie and the team for showing me how and when a group of people armed with exceptional talent and gifts get together, where everyone is on the same page and have a clear plan of the objective how working smart is, in fact, less hard work. This is the future.







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