Phat Gary Out take from ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’.

Definition of mentor ˈmɛntɔː/  noun : mentor; plural noun: mentors experienced and trusted adviser. This describes Phat Gary the man above. 

Once partner in Empire Management along side Sarah Honda managing the group Gangstarr, then longtime manager for DJ Premier now managing Pete Rock, Gary has been there for me for many years.  He has seen me running round New York with a camera  from the VHS days many many years ago.  We formed a friendship over many trips back and fourth.  To a point where not a trip is made to the city with out passing through the office to catch him.

He took an interest in my work, a truly supported my development.  He would advise me and give me guidance where to improve, infact it was his office I called before I went and got my Camera to shoot this movie. Gordon who was there at the time suggested that if I could afford it to invest in the Canon 7D.  This was way before the days of facebook or social networking.  This was from the days of when you had to telephone or go see someone in person to introduce your self.

He is a smart man that loves a challenge, and has fighting spirit. Like my self he thrives of peoples disbelief in your ability.  Maybe that’s why we bonded.  To have longevity takes tenacity and hunger to achieve your goals weather its monetary or creatively.  His posts if anyone follows him are very motivational.  I once asked him if he reads books, where does he get this from, he replied ‘i read a lot of them’.   Times have changed a lot within the industry, to get on takes a lot hard work, the days for the street hustler manager are numbered, although its not a bad way to start and have that in you.

I caught Gary on my last trip to NYC and asked him if he would take part in my film.  Here is an out take from the film.  This a visual out take of the sort of conversations we privately have.  This is an fly on the wall look at some of my friends and how i move.  A little twist on Arnold Schwarzenegger words, While your there posing taking your b-boy posses and wearing talking some superficial shit there are people behind you working.   ‘you can not climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets’.


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