DIGGERS – Digging in the Max. Special one off pieces


Over the last 2 years I picked up what some may consider a bad habit. I rediscovered TK Max. In an effort to smarten myself up, I start to frequent their store. This became a game between me and my close friends.

We could not spend any more that £10 on a T-shirt and £20 on a long sleeve. As much as I would dig for records to occupy my time when I was bored I’d go digging in TK Max. Whilst I was doing that I was developing my brand Diggers.

Tk Max is great place to see what is current and cast a judgement on what people today are willing to spend their money on. I would look at the quality of the shirt, the textures and colors. I would look for unbranded items that I felt suited me and my style.

Taking the items home I would put my mark on them and embroiling my Diggers or King of the beats Logo onto them, this also went on to bags and jackets. Anyone following me on Instagram would of seen some of my posts.

In the early stages of Hip Hop culture there was a tradition in modifying clothing in order to be unique, adding a little of your personality and soul helped you stand out from the crowd. Remember those jackets with Graffiti art on the back, companies like Shirt Kingz and who can forget the legendary Dapper Dans provided personalized garments in their very own style. People would modify sneakers, something that the sneaker companies would later adopt hence you can go online and customize your kicks direct from the supplier.

Me I just do it for myself, but as the brand develops and the more I get into it, a few people have noticed what I’ve been doing and requesting a few items. I had been toying with the idea, and now that I’m a little more familiar with my mother’s sewing machine I will be every so often making a double of one of these items I modify for myself and making it available to 1 lucky supporter. The Item will dug out myself and will come with a 45 also found by me.

Anybody that knows about textiles, sewing and embroidery will support me on this, this is not a quick thing to do, the process of putting the logo on takes time. This came as a surprise to me up until I had to do it myself. So I can appreciate the time and the patience one must have to do this. Its time consuming especially when you do not have an industrial quality manufacturing machine. This is all done at home and I can certainly say no children or slave labour was involved. My mother is very into textiles, something as I said before I never really fully appreciated until I got into it myself.

So please tune into the site, it will be a one item going once only. If you are familiar with my king of the Beats ethos you will be able to draw similarities and inspiration from digging culture. Diggers fully aims to represent that ethos, your not just buying or purchasing a shirt but your buying into creativity and becoming a part of it.




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