Looking forward to finishing this film..


It’s been a while since I posted an article on to the blog.  A Lot is to do with the personal issues I’ve been facing.  This resulted in me temporally stopping writing and shutting down the store.   I’m proud to announce that its finally up and running.

Now it’s been 21 months since I started on my project ‘Looking for the perfect beat’.  A film shot in NYC and Canada, planned, written and edited here in the UK. The film is a 90 minute look at some of  the lives, tales and stories courtesy of some of the major players in the golden era of hip hop.  The producers who not only forged a sound but who’s passion for music is so unexpectedly broad  it would raise the eyebrow of vinyl connoisseur .

I’ve always been impressed how these young men growing up in NYC were and are still so passionate about this music, dedicated to searching out new sounds, grooves to be inspired to create these fantastic records that a lot of us have in our collection.  They call it Diggin today.  This is not a new thing.  As far as the DJ is concerned coming from the Hip Hop genre this goes back to the 70’s.  Take Jazzy Jay for example this is 40 years of looking for breaks for him.  How these men took machines that were not meant to be used by them and started to use them to make and create this music.  Myself I became a follower and practitioner of this in the late 80s, searching and looking for samples and grooves to create something funky and new.  Personally I’m addicted to things creative, over the last 20 years I’ve been consistently making very low budget independent films looking at the culture above.

As I’m entering a new phase in my life, I am looking at life and art very differently.  This film has become a real challenge for me.  I’m trying to do the very best I can, to deliver a high quality film, a film that’s motivated by the b-boy in me.  Not all of you reading this may understand what I mean by that,  I’m fueled by being the underdog.  The person that people underestimate.  I don’t need to wear the outfits, speak the slang or look the part, at this level your dealing with the pure art form.  This is why Pete Rock is Pete Rock and Large Pro is Large Pro, why the Beatminerz have their own sound as described by Lord finesse himself.  It’s unique to them.

It’s been the artist themselves who have embraced and supported this film being made.  Close friends and family have enabled me in continuing this project.  Chuck Chillout earlier this year called me to let me know he was going to be in the UK, he introduced me to Chuck D, a man who a lot of people can learn from his example.  Chuck does his homework and prior to meeting me made himself very aware of what I’m about and do, he just wanted to hear it from me.  His last words to me was Pritt I’m at your disposal’.  Words not to be taken lightly.  When I cannot get a look in at home, press, sponsors or support. His words alone where testament of the work being done here.

Sadly here in the UK the majority of people rely on the press first to give any artist exposure or props.  What ever happened to going with your gut feeling.

Today I turned on my sampler and worked on the soundtrack to the film.  I’m feeling really amped now, excited to return to NYC to complete this film.  Now that I have some clarity and some closure I’m working on this film in high spirits.

Much respect to all the artists in the film supported the film and gave me time.  My friends who supported me and the project, purchasing items from the site.  Diamond D for opportunity to work with him on the album cover.  The Ultras for bringing me in on the TR 45’s.  Chuck Chillout and P.E not forgetting Johnny Juice and the Large Professor.

This article is dedicated to Keven De Kosta who made this trip for me to finish my film possible. Jazzy Jay and family for putting me up.  STRONG CITY = STRONG FOUNDATION = STRONG TIES – FAMILY.


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