Pre-order your copy of the new Diamond D Album.



One of my favorite pieces of work.  Working with Diamond D on his new album.  Go back over 20 years when his first solo album ‘Stunts Blunts & Hip Hop’ dropped.  Considered one of the Classic and most definitive records of all time.   My entire existence was to be out there looking for records working towards being the next Diamond D, Showbiz Large Professor style producer.  

Really didn’t work out that way but I grew into being the film maker, still passionate about digging, sampling and the culture it came from.  Fast forward some 17 years my work brought me together with the man him self Diamond D.  

I was shooting shows for him, we shot a few interviews and then Diamond courtesy of mentor Jazzy Jay took part in my new film. ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’.   This lead to forging a great friendship with the man leading onto providing the artwork for the new Album the Diam Piece (the typography on the back was not by me).  

Today I got the news that the album is now available to order on CD and Double Vinyl.  So for all you Diamond D heads, or even would like to add a truly decent new hip hop record to your collection, this is one record worth every penny spent. 

Order your copy here from Fatbeats.

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