Here is the Third and final part of the film about Queens Legendary Producer and Engineer Paul C McKasty.  A man that contributed a great deal to the Golden Era of Hip Hop Music.  As in the Article on the previous Post this is no way the definitive story or Film.  There is still a few key people missing. 

I hope that after watching this that they may want to contribute some footage that would make it the definitive film.  I would really like to thank all those that took part and believed in me from the get go.  Lindley Farley and CJ Moore who where the driving force behind me who’s words in previous conversations I cherished and kept in my heart and soul, this film as I always said is a film made for you.

Along the road I have now collected over a 1000 hours of Hip Hop footage and interviews.   If I could I would love to make a film on the following, the offer is there. Marley Marl, Large Pro, Diamond D, Johnny Juice and my mentor and big Brother Jazzy Jay.  A more personal look at the men ‘The Men and their Music’.

Thank you to all the people who have been contacting me with their thoughts about the film, Rhythm from the group Phase and Rhythm who after watching Part 1 & 2 contacted me and withing a day shot and sent me a piece to be added to the film. If Large Pro, Rhazel and Biz after seeing this would like to contribute some footage please get in touch.  Thanks to Stezo and Cool V who have agreed to send some footage.

Monday I will be dropping a video –Behind the making of the ‘Memories of Paul C McKasty Poster’.  Art created by Paul C’s High school friend TeQnotic.


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  3. Really looking forward to viewing this. As producer/guitarist/synthesist with Annabouboula I had the great pleasure of working with Paul on a whole series of tracks and I believe he was some kind of genius. Here’s are just two that we did together in 1989 at 1212. He is responsible for the edit and beats at the end of “Don’t Worry, Dub” , and for an end section concept he threw together in 20 minutes using I thing the Emu SP-12 or 1200 to sample stray hits off our master multi-track and create a new beat…
    “Don’t Worry, Dub” –

    “Baby Wants Kisses”

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