Record Store Day – Common, produced by No. I.D out now. Black Pegasus Records.

This project has been in the making for the last 6 months.  I have worked alongside Marc Davis owner and Founder of Black Pegasus Records for over a decade on a number of projects. 

Like the Ultra 45s here is another record for record store day.  As pure and grassroots as it comes.  Marc went to school with Common and No I.D, as children they shared their journey and love for music together.  Common went onto be Oscor winner artist and No I.D the C.E.O of Def Jam.  Marc held onto the demos they made so many years ago.  Common had forgot about them and was pretty amazed Marc had held onto them for so many years.

Knowing that Marc was on his own journey Common and No I.D embraced his ideas and vision and independence.  i remember getting the call where Marc left Common after a meeting in their home city of Chicago where Common gave him his blessing to put them out.  What ever you need, ill support the project.

Imeidatly we got to work.  My role then was to create the logo and artwork.  We came up with the name Seven Sense, a play on his original name and that the format would be 7 inch singles.  Marc asked me if i could revamp Commons original logo.  Create the label and cover.

As busy as Common is he promised he would be onboard and support Marc.  I admire that, Marc built and still is building his label himself, one record at a time.  Every record supported by the artsit.  This record marks a milestone.  Here are two artists Common and No I.D that never forgot where they come from , they returned to support thier old friend.  Black leaders supporting a Black eneterprise.

As Marc worked on the manufacture of the record my role was to guid him and help execute and deleiver a promo video.  Again praise to Common who whilst filming in L.A worked alongside us to deliver what we needed.

Cop your copy of real record store Gem, another holy Grail from Black Pegasus.  

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TK MAX – Diggers, Looking for the Perfect Piece

2013 began my love for digging through the many TK Max Stores across the UK. I was on a mission to give my self a new look, before that i really didnt think too much about how i looked or what I wore. Maybe the many years spent going through record stores digging through crate after crate looking for them perfect beats, digging through the racks of clothes I find a great comparison. 

I enjoy going to there stores so much so its become an addiction over the years.  There is not a week that passes i do not go there to see what maybe in there. The hardest thing about going to the stores was be able to go there and not buy anything.  To have some control and some discipline over my finances.  The other thing was taking a gamble.  If I don’t have the funds this month, maybe the item will be there next, or it maybe an item that even though reduced might be out of my price bracket,  a month later I will get lucky to find it at a fraction of the cost.

As an artist and practitioner of hip hop culture.  inspired by fashion trends of the 70s and early 80s i loved the idea of being able to modernize an item to make them perfectly unique giving your self an identity turning something old into something new.  I lived that and still live that.  As a student years later they teach you in graphic design that everything goes round in circles that modern graphics came from Bauhaus and that over the years it just get modernized and tweaked over and over.

I would keep a scrap book of things that inspire me, today they call it Pinterest.  Ive been trained to think things through to look at the bigger picture and work towards making a difference.  Hip Hop gave me the competitiveness  from not just how i dressed  or looked, but how i carried my self.  I’m fueled and motivated.  What ever I do especially anything I create I have to be the best at it.  More importantly what I do can not be seen as jumping on the bandwagon, but leading the way, to be the innovator and creator, it has to be unique and against the odds.

I spent a life time looking for gems, today Im giving them back.  Creating pieces of art that fall inline with my life experiences passion and creations.  For many years ive been collecting film documenting stories of those that inspired me, my piers in Hip Hop music production, the DJ and producers who led they way when it came to digging for records, Making movies about there journeys at the same time running a record label putting our examples of their work.  Throughout all this Ive always  been into making my own outfits, modernizing  items and making them unique just as the kids did back in NYC some 40 years ago.

This lead me to create the Diggers brand.  A brand that represents people who have a passion for finding them perfect beats, grooves, records and now those who also love to dig for clothes.  TK Max is best store in the UK, that represents my mindset..So since 2013 I have been planting secret Diggers Items in stores over the UK, One off pieces with individual numbers call them pieces of art as i do.  Call it a game, or what you will but it was done first here.

Search hard dig through them racks to find a rare 1 off piece of art at a bargain price.  TK MAX gives you top brands at a bargain price, now if your luck you can find Real GOLD in Tk Max at bargain price.  A piece of art that comes from somewhere, that has a history that is in tune with with the stores ethos but with real hip hop culture from its early day may it be fashion or bombin it comes from there.

Memories of Paul C McKasty Revisited.

Some few years ago I made a film about the legendary Queens Producer and Engineer Paul C McKasty. Although his life was cut short his hands and ears worked on some of the most revered hip hop albums of all time.

He also mentored many including Organized Konfusion and most notably Large Professor. When I made the original film I put it out via my site to get the attention of some people who originally where very difficult to get hold of. Partly to schedule and also that Paul passing has left deep wholes in many peoples lives. I’m an outsider making a film about someone that passed on long before his time.

After seeing my film and how I told the story many came forward to contribute. In 2015 I met up with Large Professor in the UK and filmed a piece towards the project. DJ Cool V shot a piece him self and sent it to me, as did Phase from the group Phase and Rhythm not forgetting K Cut from Main Source who I able to shoot whilst on the Main Source Tour.

I had always intended to revise the film but as I was working on my new film my computer had no space to complete the film. I since purchased another mac to handle other projects, since I never went back to NYC this year I took the time off to work on my projects and deliver a film about a man who the world can benefit from knowing about his contribution to this wonderful world of music.

I would also like to thank Reno from the Paul C Movie project that offered to clean up the audio for me and also allowing me to use some of the pics from there Instagram Page.

Note this is a very low budget production that came about as I had accumulated so much footage over the years whilst working on my projects that I took to putting a film together.

Here is the revised version of the film, Memories of Paul C McKasty..Revisited. i would like to thank all those that supported the film Jim Slice for allowing me to use the footage from his film Skull Snaps.  Marc Davis, Lindley Farley and Casanova Rud  CJ Moore and Large Professor for their constant support.

Tha 4Orce pre release at the DISKERY

Over the last year i worked on Tha 4Orces album, what started out being a beat he had produced for a King of the beats Competition some years back transformed into a full album vinyl release. 

Over the years we put out two 45’s together, and this year we worked towards 4Orces a full Viynl release.  The project was lead by him and acted as support.  Turning the project into a Vinyl Package. 

Although the record is scheduled to go out in the post from the 18th, The oppoutunity arose to do an event in the UK’s Oldest Record Store THE DISKERY, which happens to be in Birmingham.  As I have used the spot for many of the King of the Beats events in the past we were given the opportunity to take over the shop and play records in there all day.  Sticking to the King of the beats tradition we dug out gems in the shop.  King of the Beats Crew, for the day, myself, tha 4Orce, my mentor DJ Sparra not forgetting Keith and Kev DeKosta who while we was on the turntables was steadily passing records  across that he found.

The Event also hosted the first opportunity to get a copy of the Album Setting Standards from the Artist him self Tha 4Orce. 

We would like to thank everyone that came out and supported the event and the lp.  The record is a limited edition and a totally grassroots project.  Get your copy here.


New LP Limited edition Marble only 350 pressed – Tha 4Orce – Setting Standards


The Long awaited Ten track Limited Edition LP from UK Veteran Hip Hop Artist Tha 4orce featuring some of the UK’s most prolific M.C’s. From Confucius MC, Dubbledge, Cyclonious, Gee Bag, Poynt Blak, King Kashmere, Arise King David, Ray Vendetta and Lady Sanity.

The limited edition pressing features cover Photography from the legendary Normski and Lyric & Picture book containing Photography by Global Faction with cover art from The Artful Fro. White & Black Marble Wax. This Album is prime example of great British Hip Hop music.
Each vinyl release comes with a free full digital download of all 17 tracks including Jae Mann, Wan-Cee, Teach and Big Cakes.
Pre-order your copy here today, shipping begins December 18th. The first 50 purchases will also get a bonus 45, Musical Shot by Tha 4orce.


Order here Tha 4Orce – Setting Standards Limited Edition Marble Pressing.





Here is another great project from the team at Red Apples.  I was asked by Ray West to edit this video together some time ago.  Filmed by his team I just had to put the footage together to the music. 

The Red Apples family are very unique team,that are ever growing and not just in numbers but in their sound, vision and ideas.  I have worked on a few projects with them over the years.  Kindly Ray and A.G have kindly supported my work and helped me out too appearing in my films.

I partially like this track, its right up my ally.  Soulful it feels like a jazz movement, Ray just gets better and better in fact I asked Ray of the back of this to drop a Jazz styled album together for the King of of the beats label to be part of the looking for the perfect beat series.

If your looking for a interesting listen, invest this E.P. One for the collection and certainly a record I fully recommend purchasing.   I’m very proud to of played a part in this.


Branding take over, Alternative Art-of -facts?.

Diggers is the clothing apparel for all those who are passionate about vinyl founded by Pritt Kalsi a vinyl collector and film maker, who’s spent his life uncovering stories offering insightful look at peoples passion for vinyl and sampling.

Founded in 2013 Diggers was the re-brand and king of the beats clothing make over.  Times had changed and no longer was the generic fruit of the loom T-shirt the cut that people wanted to spend their money on.  The Chinese market as it is right now has given birth and enabled new young and enterprising designers to try make their mark with their creations and visions.  10 years ago Trying to get something manufactured in China was expensive and almost impossible for a new independently ran brand as minimum orders started off at the 10,000 unit mark.  thanks to sites like Alibaba it has allowed brandS like mine to have new life.

So back in 2013 I going was going through a difficult phase in my life, my marriage came to an end and in order to try save it, one of the things i did was give all my clothes to charity as one of things my ex moaned about was the way i dressed.  i was in that bubble.  It was here in this time i discovered and started to fully appreciate stores like TK MAX.  Just like digging for records i would dig for clothes.  I kept a strict code that I could not  spend more than £10 for a T-shirt £20 for a Shirt and the same about for Jeans.

Slowly i got addicted to the store, going in from every week to a point almost daily digging for garments.  I would take the shirts back and wonder how is it the materials were so different and affordable.  I guess this is when i realized that times had changed.  This is where my brand needs to be, using this modern type of t-shirt garments.  Armed with a bunch of shirts i sat with the guys from AM Screenprint  and we sourced the suppliers.

Looking to re-brand going by the name Diggers that fits the ethos, fully representing my passions and my work me and Chris Malbon my long time partner in design and childhood friend created the new logo and designs for our first line.

This moment in time i started to hang around my parents home, they stood by me like a rock throughout this divorce.  I started to take notice of my mother and her passion for textiles.  Growing up this was something i took for granted.  Her generation of Indian woman this is normal I’m ashamed that i did not pay closer attention to her craft from when i was younger.  I guess I’m older now and look at the world differently.  She loves and enjoys creating things, she had this new sewing machine which she was embroidering designs from a digital source.  I asked if i got my design can i try sewing my logo?.  We joined forces and together a lot of the items like the shirts i would bring back from TK Max were unbranded.  I started to brand them, so that when i went out i would be going out wearing fresh one off pieces that represented the culture i was so passionate about.  Reminding me of how in the early days of Hip Hop people would modify there outfits and footwear.

This kick started me re-branding boots picking out one of pieces and modifying them.  Those that follow my instagram would be totally up on them boots.

Although the brand represents lovers of vinyl irrespective of what genre of music, its roots comes from Hip hop and my passion and understanding of the culture.  i started out as a graffiti artist and b-boy in the 80s.  A big part of the culture was tagging and bombin, I had flash backs to the adrenaline rush i would have running round with my friends.  Those that know me that living alone here i have to keep active and my nature is that I can not stop creating.  This led me to start planting modified items i purchased back in the stores across the country.  For years nobody noticed what I was doing, for me it was for kicks and fun and held true to the idea of discovering a gem, just like my movie looking for the perfect beat.

I am creating art, and not for arts sake, these are pieces created by a person with a long deep history in this culture.  Blood sweat, tears and lot of soul went into these pieces.  Only last year i had people start to hit me up within the culture who followed my work that started to search out my pieces.  This is the reason i decided to shoot this piece, before some Biter takes my work and claims it there own.  Like my mothers creations or my fathers paintings, my work or even the artists I work with in the music, art should never be taken for granted or on face value.

Face Value has means nothing to me, if you are going to spend some money on Art look and take your time to find out about the artist and its brand.  Diggers is about finding that gem and turning it into something else. Done before by the kids of NYC back in the 70s and 80s in those early days of hip hop.  I appreciate if you took the time to read and view the video.

Support innovators and creators.