Hockley Social Club

Jack and James who were part of the team behind Digbeth Dining Club one of the Cities most exciting weekend spots have started their own new venture Hockely Social Club.

In the industrial part of the city. Hockley you will find real old school wholesale companies still bearing the number 021 on the shop signs. Among them you will find HSC a large factory space turned into a dining and drinking venue. Also attached to the venue is the new home of Cafe Artum the record store and coffee shop.

James approached me about joining his team of DJs to play at the venue. You will find some great DJs at HSC including E Double D who has been at the helm of the ship championing Hip Hop in the city for many years as well as Bunny Bread.

If you would like to hear my spin on Hip Hop Culture music please come join me on Thursdays.

40 OZ Saga – remote production

Here is an example of my work which I was able to conduct remotely from home here in the UK. The 40 Oz Saga is a talk show filmed in Seatle. It is still in it’s early stages.

I was asked to get involved in the pre-production stages by producers and hosts Diceman and Ron Hygh. There was months of zoom meetings involved getting to know Ron and the team at Mobb Studios.

Together we worked on establishing a concept, a brand and an presentation that would be filmed within a 2 day period. My role was to direct the scenes and cameras and on the back end to edit the final show. To accomplish this, I had to have meetings with the production team where we talked through the tech and the scenes.

Im glad to say everything ran smooth and that having access to the studios network allowed me to take footage from them as they were uploading it from my home in the UK.

This reminds me of my time working with DJ Disk but with a lot more responsibilities and large number of people to delegate with. If you have a production where ever you are in the world I can work and assist from here in my home. I will be an asset to your production and team.

No I.D. Thow Your Hands UP 45

Marc Davis the engine behind Black Pegasus Records and I have been friends for many years now. Recently he asked me to be involved in his project with No I.d.

Those that are aware of No. I.D will know he came up with Common and Kanye West hailing from the Chicago area. Marc actually went to school with him and Common. This put Marc in the position owning lots of exclusive material.

My role is this release was create the artwork for the record as well as editing this footage together they sent me to help promote the single.

NetFlix Prep – short film

Netflix embarked on a campaign to search for the next generation of documentary film makers from the UK. They were looking for film makes to pitch their ideas giving examples of some of their work.

I thought of this as a great opportunity to possibly present my film to the network. In addition to the video evidence I submitted I also made this shirt film taking a look behind the scenes and the man who for 25 years funded his dream whilst working in a factory on midlands wages.

Unfortunately I did not get selected by Netflix, however I will make my video evidence public just incase there are any people or platforms interested in speaking to me about my work and project.

I would like to thank all the people what took part and supported my efforts. Ray West, A.dee, Dexter, Jazzy Jay, Jason Coombes, Mazena, Stuart Myers, Andy Higgs, 4orce, Jay King, Gordon, Breakbeat Lou, Diceman, Marc Davis, Phat Hary & Big Gordon, Tony,Nathan & Jason from AM Screenprint Mikey Blue Eyes. Luke (drone) my mother and father for taking part.

Corporate Videos.

If you have a business what ever it is. It has become evident that in 2021 the digital era it is important to have a presence online.

Corporate video production is the end-to-end process of making a professional video by a business, organisation or institution for communication to external or internal audiences. Content may be used as promotional videos and video marketing, recruiting videos, and for learning and development (L&D), or sales.

I am a award winning film maker, If you would like to invest in your business brand and growth and would like a video, digital production Contact me.

Stag Talks – Directed Filmed – Pritt Kalsi

In the winter I was approached by the team at Stag Digbeth to work on a project interviewing some of its patreons.

Stag Digbeth is located in Birmingham’s Custard Factory. The venue it’s self is the old space that was occupied by the legendary club the Medicine Bar. Ben & Ethan have put Blood Sweat and Tears into building this spot. The first of its kind in the UK and Barbershop and Bar in the day and club by night.

Digbeth is known as the creative hub of the city. Many of the locals use the services of the barbers at Stag. Many of them are creatives, artists and musicians. Lots of interesting people pass through the venue. Ethan asked me if I would like to come in and film and document photographer Peter Medlicott as he did his work. This is what I created. Armed with 2 cameras and pin Mic. Please note the photogrpaghy docuementing the shoot is my photogrpahgy.

I am available to Direct, produce, film and edit. If you are interested in hiring me to produce a film or content to help your brand, im worth. Feel free to contact me.

Reframed – Arts Project.

Last year I selected to join Reframed Team to take part in a project that looked at the challenges faced by people in the city of Birmingham in what was the first lockdown.

I wanted to see and look at how small businesses in the inner city areas coped and managed through what was the early stages of the pandemic. A lot of these business are run by families and English may not be there first language. Many of them where left to their own devices, implementing their own action plans to combat the virus whilst making sure they created a safe working environment.

In 2020 I had been working for a company within the Automotive industry. Many meetings involving managers and business partners took part. Action plans and directives were made and implemented through the company family, very different to the corner shop run my mom and dad.

The New Art Exchange commissioned me to make a short film looking at this.

Justice For Ricky Reel.

This is very personal to me.  23 years ago my little bro alongside his friends went out for the night. Unknown to others this would be his last night. 

My memories of Ricky were nothing but great.  Younger then me he like my little bro.  We was very close as children when the families would see each other all the time we would always spend time together. 

Watching tape after tape of Laurel and Hardy, we would sit there howling laughing together watching them.  All the kids would be together.  If there was a family function we would have some low level job like pealing potatoes chopping onions passing the time telling each other stories. 

Ill never forget those summer holidays when I would be sent to London to stay with my family.  Uncle was in the building trade and would always be working on a project that we would end up being the laborer’s.  Infact we was getting lessons we were being taught how to build our own homes, gaining skills when most kids were out there playing.  Not to say we didn’t get our fair share of that. 

When work had to be done play time was over.  As a family all of us would stick together, I really miss them days.  Ricky had a great energy if ever he turned up what ever was going on, he lifted every ones spirits, even though he was a quiet guy. 

The last time I saw you in person you came to the BMX track, me and you went there to collect my bike of Anthony (RIP) we had some fun. 

To my Auntie and Uncle Mrs Reel, they have suffered loosing there son.  I remember walking out my job when we was told he has gone missing.  I did not return to work until it was all over. 

In the early days when they set up the Justice for Ricky Reel campaign I remember meeting songwriter and producer Rishi Rich who supported the cause and got involved performing and some of the fund raising events. Years Later he has written and produced this song to raise awareness of the case.  If you have time please make your self familiar with the case.   Justice for Ricky Reel.

The future is smart and bright

The future is bright, I’m not talking about me. I would like to talk about the production crew behind a campaign I took part in.

It started with a message from a lady named Emma from an organization Kastwork who spotted me on Instagram. She thought I had a look suitable for a project. She approached me and asked if I would be interested. After losing my job 4 weeks ago why not I thought.

The journey began with me arriving at Hotel next to the shoot midday Monday. I was met by a very charming young lady, who let me know that I was the first and only customer to the hotel. It had been closed over the lockdown. Aleksandra managing the hotel assured me I will make sure you get the best room you are spoiled for choice. She was very funny. We talked a little about why I was in London, and that she knew of the studio as a lot of guests are working there. Learning that I had lost my job she said this is good karma for you. This is how my trip started.


On the morning of Wednesday 7:45 a cab picked me up and took me to the studio which was only about 5 mins away if that. I must say I was very nervous about this. Do not mess this up I kept telling my self and stay calm do not break a sweat.

Arriving at the Studio I was met by 2 very young people who turned out to be the heads of the production team. This is where my story really begins. I have never really worked on projects where I have been part of a team. I have worked with individuals and in my old job at the factory, I was part of a team but in a totally different environment (automotive). This was the first time to experience it in a professional creative sense. Remember I am a Gorrila filmmaker.

I was met by Sophie and George. They greeted me and took me around the studio introducing me to everyone. The majority of the team was young in their 20 and 30s I would like to say, and they were brilliant.

The first group I had to work with was the stylists.   Natasha and her assistant Amy. They took a look at my outfits and immediately got to work pressing my jacket and jeans getting them ready for the shoot. Natasha by one degree of separation have a mutual friend and she is quite a music person. Showing me videos of her two-year old that does the most on beat head nod you will ever see. The little girl would respond to the beat drops.


Once the outfits were picked I was introduced to the hair and makeup team. I’ve never experienced this anywhere before but I was in such good spirits I’m really going embrace the moment. So firstly I passed onto the Hair Team led by Chris Kurz and his assistant Maria. He is cool as funk. Very experienced they have both been working years in the industry fashion shows, shoots like this and TV. They work fast. I was then passed onto the make up artist Julia and her assistant Larisa who at 23 has only been doing makeup for the last 3 years. She discovered a talent and applied her self to in this short time proving to be one of the UK aspiring stars. It was when she was doing some touch-ups on me, getting me ready for camera I started to think about how I’m starting to see how brilliant this young generation is.   That sadly I’ve been guilty in the past thinking I know better today I was the person not in charge.

I felt inspired and optimistic about this generation. Talking and listening to everyone about their journey and also their achievements and roles they have undertaken past and present. This team was brilliant. Set designers had 2 days to come up with my set. From It’s conception to presentation for use. They got it done, they were chilled and joyful. Even though there are teams involved you can see that all the different teams were working together never against each other. There is a lesson here for us older independent type artists who are still trying to build something. We are not competing with this young generation but I’m seeing how the best of them are doing their thing. I am learning from them.  I really really enjoyed the experience 5th August 2020.

The Team was led by Angela  ( A giant in the creative world ) who has years of experience in advertising.  She had put together this outstanding team, these people are the future. Sophie is 26 years old and has total control of the shoot proceedings. Talking to her she has years already directing and managing film shoots. She is the prime example of what our children should be aiming for. She has clearly worked hard and applied herself.   I would like to the older generation that is reading this think for a second this is the standard and environment that exists out there. We should embrace it. I can only say they embraced me. They showed me a thing or two.

I was then taken down to the shoot where I was to join the photographer and very colourful Aleksandra Kingo who was very kind to me. Made me feel very at ease. I’m not used to this. I’m always behind the camera directing. Its one thing doing selfies and been directed. Now I know what I put others through. Take a look at her work and style.

Part of her team was Alex Poll, he was in control of the lighting. I can say one thing that my weakness is lighting. I have had little experience and knowledge of that. We sat down and talked about it discovering that Alex also teaches regarding this field. It was pretty cool to discover that he also is a record collector and fan of the movie ‘I’m no longer here’. He is the only person I know who has watched it. If you’re a DJ you need to see this film or research this movement cumbia music. How they are taking old records and slowing them right down and creating a new dance. That is a real subculture.

Once I finished the shoot I was welcomed to hang around and watch the shoot. This goes back to what I was saying. This team knew something about what I’m doing as an artist and filmmaker and asked me to feel free and see from behind the scenes for the rest of the day how things are done.

This is where I want to conclude this post. I would like to of course thank Emma for this opportunity and Sophie and the team for showing me how and when a group of people armed with exceptional talent and gifts get together, where everyone is on the same page and have a clear plan of the objective how working smart is, in fact, less hard work. This is the future.







Premier of new trailer for Pritt Kalsi’s ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’


This is probably the most important post to date. For years many people know of me as a filmmaker. The man behind the King of the Beats series, The Turntable Trixters and the Paul C Film.

Before any of that, I started a project titled ‘The Men & Their Music’. This film got shelved. Years later after getting separated I embarked on a new journey, starting my project ‘Looking of the Perfect Beat’. I’ve counted already 9 trips to NYC just on this Project.

In 2015 I had completed a rough of the film that at the time I felt was ok, but after taking it to NYC a few of the artists I showed asked me to use some of the footage I filmed of them almost 20 years before.

I didn’t ever work in a conventional way. When I first started going to NYC I rolled up with a camera running around the city without much of plan. Over the years I had won and earned the respect of my peers in the states who understood what I was about and saw themselves my work ethic.

I didn’t ask for funding I never asked for help, but I remember clearly many people telling me I couldn’t do this. They felt I never had the skills. How’s this factory worker think he can make a movie. That motivated me, and because I knew that the artists believed in me that I would go make this film.

I funded this on factory wages in the midlands. I have fort through many battles internally and externally, lived on beans and toast for many years, deprived my self of holidays and weekends away determined to one day get this film done.

In 2013 I did release a trailer of what was the film at the time, but over the years it has changed dramatically.

For the last 16 years, I have been working 3 shifts in a factory. That I only get 2 weeks to leave I can book my self. So time for me is very precious. I would go to NYC to film.

We are now in 2020, and in this year we endure this COVID Pandemic. Like many of the Nation I was put on to Furlough. My first reaction was 2 weeks off I’m going to work on my film. This turned into 13 weeks, which then turned into a Redundancy.

Over the period I had no idea I would not be returning to work, So I buried my head into my film I would start editing from 4 am until about 7pm every day where discovering Zoom I would do sessions with the likes Jay King, Andy Higgs, Force, Coombes, Keith, Cutmaster Swift, A.dee, Xzibet Blak, Ray West, Dexter, and Luis Tineo ,the Legion,DJ Disk Johnny Juice, Cassandra, Donna She Rock, Gary Devastate, Sparkii, Rhettmatic, Neil Armstrong Marc Davis, Dug Infinate, Casanova Rud, Finley Bradford and a number of others where we would review the day’s edits or the film.



We would discuss the scenes and how to improve the film. We identified what was missing and looked towards who needs to be contacted to give the film what it’s missing.

This went on every single day for a minimum of 9 weeks solid. To a point, I just continued my self whilst learning about me losing my job.

One of the questions that kept coming up was how is this film going to be released. There are over 20 years of film in it. I have made two parts both 2.5 hours long. I have considered turning it to episodes. Which in the past I was against but seeing how streaming has evolved especially in this period it logically makes perfect sense to make it into a series.

I had booked a ticket to NYC leaving May 1st. Which of course was canceled by the airline. So I have a credit on that ticket. Jazzy Jay reached out for a screening of the film after we discussed my situation and that both he and his wife Broadie’s got my back to return to NYC to tie up the film.


In the period I also let it be known I was looking for someone to come in and do an audio mix. I’m very grateful to Elliot Vaughan for rising to the Task. He is a very experienced engineer who has worked on many broadcast projects in the past.

Within the first 3 weeks of the Covid period, I produced 2 new trailers. The day I completed the first trailer was the first day I began to hear of friends passing on. My dear friend Micheal Lewington who lived across the street from my parents who the first family we got to know when we arrived here. He was a man that put me onto so many good Jazz records. Also, Passing was the son of my good friend Grand Master Caz who is in my film. That was the beginning. In those 8 weeks I lost 3 family members, (RIP my mother in law Elana Antonio) and 5 friends including TY.

When that happens and it all happens at once. It only makes you question your own mortality. This Covid is serious and it can be any one of us. This is one of the main reasons I chose to put this trailer out. Time is very precious and I must get this film done and out just in case it’s my turn next. If I don’t do this then I would never have achieved what I wanted.

I had to get in contact with Grand Master Caz and Preemo to make sure they were on board and still remember me as they were filmed many years ago. Maybe they forgot me. I was delighted and overwhelmed that they still believed in me and remembered me. Granting me the permission to go ahead with the film.

I have gone through some battles to make this film but honestly, I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family, close friends, and the many Artists who always supported me, although at times I feel alone. I would honestly not be here if it was not for you. For 2 years I woke up every morning wanting to die but having this, keeping myself busy making my music, helping others, working on my film does not give me the time to think of the bad things.

I would like to present one trailer. So that you can see what is in the making. Thank you to everyone that really supported my work.

I did not film the drone shots.  Id love to get them done though.