After winning the BMA’s 2018 for best music producer there was little backlash especially from the people within the music scene I love so much. Felt like silence to be honest.

That hurt to be honest because I went into a open genre catogary armed using only tools made up of a drum machine / sampler a turntable a mixer and bunch of records that Ive been collecting since a child. I went into an arena where we already know this Genre HIP HOP has a bastardised name. It’s had its day and really doesn’t get respect it truly deserves.

There was 6 music industry judges that carefully looked at all the canditates and chose me to win. This was the first time in the UK that an unkown not popular but dedicated to this Genre Hip Hop in its purest form ever won a award like this. Still for people in the scene not good enough. In saying that it was a few very real cats that stood from a distance and understood what this meant, Chuck D and A.G from DITC being the first to reach out wish me the best and congratulated me.

They saw what it was and how I saw it and if you read back my posts from before and the language I used this was a win for us a win for Hip Hop music and for all those practice and really believe in it. For those that have speant a lifetime digging in the crates.   Yet whole experience could have been missed if it wasn’t for someone nominating me the award.

Finesse said to me him self sat in the Holiday Inn Hotel Pritt ‘people just don’t see what you do even though its out there, they don’t want to do the work to see how much you put into it because the hours you put in, it’s a wake up call to others that they are not putting it in, so its easier not to acknowledge it’.

Taking that on board I delivered the Power of Now by the Diceman not just produced by me but also executivly produced by me. If you really understand this culture, I was a B-Boy to start. If you are not going to give it up Im going to take it. You only have to buy the power of now and look at the book and see the pics of where I came from to give you an idea of what sort of person I am beneath.

Untitled copy

Months later a film awards was announced the Birmingham Film Festival, an international festival in its 3rd year. I close friend suggested I should submit my film who knows. So I went to the site and followed the instructions and submitted two films, Firstly my film ‘Memories Of Paul C Revisted and my baby ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’. For months I heard nothing not knowing at all that over 800 films from local, British and International film makers were submitted. All of which had to be watched and reviewed and carefully selected. I know my films are both over 2 hours long, so its not difficult to tell that they organisers had their work cut out.

Come Sept 30th 2018 I got the notification that both of my films were selected in the category of best Documentary. The film festival will begin the week 20th of November.

This whole period though was me concentrating on the Power of Now and also 4Orce’s album Setting Standards 2.

For those who know me, Film is my thing. I’ve invested my life into this. To tell the stories of the artists that inspired and shaped the way I am. Not just their music but their character influenced me. Those like Jazzy Jay, Ultras, A.Gee Large Professor, Finesse, Diamond,Minnie,Mr Walt, P.E Casanova Rud and BBLOU just to name a few are some of the best examples of this art and beyond the finished piece their world and dedication to their craft is matched by no others. Diamond is great example just to say he has reverted to his childhood passion for Djing and cutting breaks and at almost 50 is out there touring doing and sharing his passion for his music and its clear that he is one of the best examples of this artform. It’s this that I wanted to show, the passion and drive behind the music, hence my first major film was titled ‘THE MEN & THEIR MUSIC’.

When I started making films I was influenced by the Artful Dodger for his film ‘Get the Message’ I was also influenced by Kilo who captured B-Boying and Graff and the elements of hip hop that captivated me.

My first films I used VHS tapes and cheap cameras that were falling apart. As a child my father was one of the first people in the area to get a camera, he always since a child was fascinated by them, so when video came out he got one so that we could document family functions and prayers. I was that 8 year old who had stand in the corner of a room for hours on end ontop of a chair filming while strapped to huge Battery back not made from plastic but metal as big as any old vhs video recorder.

I’ve always loved film and as student my major was a film in which I took thousands of photographs and sequenced them into a movie shooting each shot using a cine camera and trigger creating an animation that I scored to the music of the Beastie Boys.

So embarking on these films, the turning point for me was when I started on Men and Their Music. Things became very serious. I built friendships in the states and trust amongst the artists. Friendships that I have to this day. Working on that film was a struggle as it took so long because of the lack of funds available to me I was working a job at £160 week. I had a family that really should of come first.

I just accepted my journey would take longer to make sure that my family obligations were also taken care off. What I didn’t see was that the whole of my marriage I never took a holiday or even a weekend vacation away my life time was making these films. 14 years later it cost me my marriage. I thought I was a great husband never argued with my wife but she had become depressed and was battling issues I never saw the signs. When she left it crippled me as I was doing all this for her to give a better life, but it didn’t happen quick enough.

All that time I was married and even before I met Jen I had gone for funding for my film and was refused. Im my fathers son and no body is going to tell me I can’t do something. If there is a problem we don’t run from it we deal with it. That’s what I did I went and got a factory job brought my own equipment and paid for my films my self.


I was in a very dark place it was friends like Jazzy Jay who honestly came to my rescue. Who came over and offered to support me and help me get my life on track. Sparkii, A.Gee, Johnny Juice, Dex, Supreme, Breakbeat Lou, King Of Chill, Big Gordon TR who would talk to my mother who here had to deal with me. It was my friends here Jay King, Casz, Kevin and Indy, Andy who stuck by me and got me through this period.

This lead to me completing my film about Paul C and embark on my film LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT BEAT.

There are two versions of the film about Paul C the first version I made to souly to get the attention of Large Professor, there are 1000s of miles between us and in the past I had made some mistakes, this version was to show him that there was more to me, that where I the place I come from is a place of deep integrity. We talked and shot all the scenes that made the film ‘Memories of Paul C Revisited’.

The film looking for the perfect beat began in 2013. My divorce proceedings had just began. In one ear Im hearing from her and her solicitor I’m gonna destroy, im going to take everything, right down to your pension. I couldn’t afford a solicitor my self and decided Id fight and rep my self in court. Thanks to my cousins Tish and Bubbly and Nat that advised me and guided me. On the other side I saw this time as my time. Im free and this window is an opportunity to show the world what I can do. I sold prints of Graffiti I had done years before to raise the money to go to the states as I was depending on my job to fund my divorce.

Prior to leaving for the states my oldest bro Inder got throat Cancer and every weekend was spent going to London by bus to sit with him. Andy Higgs would come to the hospital to have meetings with me in Hammersmith hotel lobby to plan how we was going to organize our selves for this trip. Inder was waiting his surgery.


Alongside 4orce and Andy we went to NYC to start shooting this film. Every day was a 7am start and would normally get back in maybe 3am where they would sleep and my job was to recharge batteries and download all the footage. I never slept in a bed I would be found asleep in a chair at the kitchen table with my head in the laptop. The day I was leaving for Canada with Mikey D to go see K-Cut I received a call from my cousin telling me that Inder Condition took a turn. Andy and 4orce was with me. I called my parents to see what I should do, they said finish your job. I left for Canada.

When we returned to the UK, a week after returning Inder passed. His last words to me, was ‘you’re a great guy it should never happened to you’.

I returned to my house and carried on my film.

Between 2013 and 2018 I returned to the states every year to continue filming by myself. Operating 2 cameras and sound by myself. Jazzy and his family put a roof over my head.

By early 2015 I had already a rough of the film. One person that would always check on me was my friend Mark B who I met through Damian Wilkes in the early 90s. He had moved to Germany and occasionally we would catch up on Viber. In 2015 we talked before I was set out to go to NYC to shoot more footage. He was excited I was excited he had started to make music again and I was going to NYC to show my rough version to Marley Marl and others.   He played me his music and I gave him a link to my movie. We would do these viber video calls drinking beers pushing each other. That time we planned for him to spend Christmas together at my house with my family. My parents know Mark and when his father passed on he talked to my mother for some comfort.

The last time I spoke to Mark was just before I left for NYC he had watched my film and loved it. He was motivated. Returning from NYC weeks later after returning I was alerted by Marks Friends that he had gone missing. Boxing day 2015 I was informed of his passing.

When people say wheres your film pritt they have no idea what your dealing with behind closed doors. You work so hard with very little support apart from the artists taking part and handful of people outside that really don’t have the power to help but are there to push you. Working in Manufacturing doesn’t do much for your soul, but it puts a roof over my head. I’ve never worked with funding or sponsorship available to me, I only know hard work. My father could give me no advise this is different world all he knows is to be tough. He was put to work age 5. When life gets hard you got to take it on the chip and fuck it.

So I changed over the years, I just become more brutal. When I did RIP, Supreme and Curoc really wasn’t feeling my idea, but I pushed them and told them that’s what im gonna do. Look how that turned out.


2018 two of my films were nominated, on the 23rd of November at 8pm they were screened at Millennium Point, the largest Screen in the UK. I posted a number of times on my social media the screening was on. Turning up to the event with my two closest friends Casz and Kev Dekosta sat in reasonable audience in which no people from the Hip Hop community turned up. I was later informed that Bobbito who screened his film had a sold out event to a film that I worked on and I was told he even shouted me out at the screening and asked where I was. Cats Like Bobbito know. Here in the UK I found like different.

First film was the Memories of Paul C. I was nervous as the quality of the film is so poor it was made from clips collected over almost 20 years. But the story captured the audience. I was watching peoples reactions and it was no what I expected. Then came Looking for the perfect beat. This is where I am now as a film maker. I was asked to do 20 min versions of the films as the festival had 300 films to screen. For some reason we don’t know 8 mins into the film it cut and the next film started TR LOVE was in mid sentence and it cut..There was a loud sigh in the audience the film had captivated them.. After 4 more great films where screened I was dying to the loo and as I was making my escape the events organizer Dean Williams called the film makers to the stage. I was not at all prepared for it. So I answered nervously some questions and could not wait to get of the stage.

I felt embarrassed Speaking to Kev and Casz im not going to let that happen tomorrow if I have to go up. Ive worked to hard and gave to much to fuck this up.

Saturday comes the Gala event was held at The Cube in Birmingham a suited affair. Ive never been to anything like this, the BMA’s you could wear what you wanted there was no dress code. Picking up Kev we into the City. Visiting Bourne and CO to get some dutch courage.

Arriving at the event we was seated to our table and watched as the ceremony began. Respect to all those who submitted, it is not easy making a film. I understand the work the time and energy that goes into making a film it terrible hard work and anybody that thinks otherwise isn’t making a good film, they are making youtube clips. I was sat in a room full of people who all work hard on their craft. A room full of international artists, actors, actresses the people who’s roles are vital in making a film what it is, including make up artists, stylists and musicians.

My Category came up and it was announced Looking for the perfect Beat is the winner. I had no speech prepared just one line in my head I kept saying to my self..’Getting up 4 am every day’. Yes I was nervous but I wanted to get across what its took me to get here, what ive lost how much its took out of me, even when people who should support your cause claiming to your friends you see, you can feel they don’t really support. That is through pure passion and determination Im here. I had to acknowledge all the artists that supported my work and took part in my films because they believed and still believe. This award was worth all the pain, its worth all the lack of support, shame on all those that could of supported me, but chose not too. For those that did support me this is our win. For TR LOVE, JAZZY, FINESSE,JOHNNY JUICE, MAIN SOURCE, DAMIAN, KEV, CASZ, KEITH, JAY, SPARKII, ANDY, 4ORCE, MALCOME, MOM and DAD and the many more who took part in this film, this is just the beinning!

For the next few hours you never to this day every heard so many people talking about Paul C and Hip Hop so much. People where asking me more about Paul and drum machines. The fist person that stopped me and wanted to talk to me was Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran who was there with his mother. He won an award for best original movie score. He said he totally got what I said and it hit spot with him. He told me about his beginnings are where he came from and how know one supported him and that everyone just thought and made him feel like it was just a dream but he carried on and made it real. Although I never met him before and there some years between us I do know the area hes from, there is nothing there for young people still to this day.


This year has been something. Recently my mother went through major hear surgery we thought this was it. But she came through and now is a period of long recovery I’m so blessed she got to see these rewards and acknowledgments for music and film because she seen me doing this and put with me doing this stuff since I a was child. She never wanted me to be a graff artist DJ breaking film maker, she wanted me to be a professional and have a family. But I believe god did give me a gift and a reason to be here, and I’m living it.

For those that never supported me or wished it was them, could you honestly say you put the hours in? since 96 no vacations no weekends away never sit on a beach and relax only doing this.

2018 say the outside world recognizing my work in music and film with 2 winning awards. I do apologize for sounding arrogant, im not Im angry and relieved about what its took to get here,   I walk round everyday in pain but i got to my job i have to be here for others.

Thank you dearly to all those who supported from seeing my work at the fesitival will take time to follow my progress or even showcase my work.   When it comes to this culture and art im as pure, honest hardworking as it gets.


Video of the week – JUSTICE by the DICEMAN

Again we return with the latest video from the soon to be classic DICEMAN – POWER OF NOW.  This is a limited edition lp only 500 pressed.  

JUSTICE produced by Key Figures features scratches by Casual T & Key Figures from the group  M.S.I. & Assylm Casual T (Casz) has been a close friend for many years.  Long before King of the Beats was founded.  There was a website we ran called nuskratch which we founded in the dial up era.  We would go up and down the country filming DJs and Producers and post videos on that site.

In his own right Casz is a beast on the turntables far better than I could ever be.  This album being very special to me, it was only right to bring Casz in to share this experience.  I wanted him to be part of this.

All the cuts we used came from First Priority records paying dues to our extended family members paying tribute to KING OF CHILL and Maishah Hendrix who over the years have been supporting our cause.

This track is the first joint from the Jam Side of the Vinyl.  This is all about the art of MCing spitting bars and as DJ’s we had to match Dice.

If after  watching the video’s for  ‘In here, Mohammad, Bean Piez and Jimmy if you are still sitting on the fence about purchasing this lp, if in doubt JUSTICE is a great example defining what a true MC is about.  Do not miss out on this lp its no secret copies of this will be on Discogs at £100 so get your order In here. 

New Video by Diceman – Jimmy – Limited Edition Pressing

One of the last videos we shot on my recent trip to NYC.  Jimmy taken of the Album Power of Now by the Diceman.  Music production by JDepina and Key Figures.  The video was shot on Westchester Ave in the Bronx. 

Interesting fact about this song, the first time I heard it I was in my home Dice called me and played me the track featuring the sample of Jimi Hendrix talking.  Sat next to me in my home was the late Jimi Hendrix daughter. It was one of those moments I and Dice will never  forget.

Order you copy now directly from king of the beats

Main Source – Nile Rodgers – Abbey Road Studios


For Many years I have worked off and on with the group Main Source. Founding members K-Kut and Large Professor have always supported my work and have taken part in my films.  Outside of the music we are friends.

2017 saw the 25 years Anniversary of the Classic Album Breaking Atoms, one of the best records ever made.  The Group flew me over to NYC to join them for the SOBS show.   My role was to help document the night.  It’s no secret that the groups history hasn’t been best one. Imagine they were 17 year olds with big ideas and talent that delivered songs that made them superstars they were under the spotlight, delivering classic 12 after 12.

25 years later, a lot older a lot wiser to the business,  both Large and K-Kut became Main Source again to perform for their fans, giving them the Main Source Experience.   This time was about friendships being rebuilt. I got to  witness and experience this moment as it happened.

2018 The group returned to the UK for a one off show at London’s Cargo.    We also made a guest appearance at Brixtons Hip Hop Chip Shop. Thank  to all that made the shows.

I left the following morning returning to the midlands, to continue my work on the Power of Now Project.  In the Evening XP called me and asked if I would like to Join him at a session at The Beatles Abbey Road Studios with the music Legend Nile Rodgers.  My first thought was your kidding, maybe you guys are drinking.  I’d love to but call me tomorrow, to let me know your serious.

Next day they called.  ‘We serious’ we want to do something for you’ they said.  So I drove to London and joined them.  I got the Studio and hour before them.  Both Large and Kev pulled up in a Taxi and together we entered the studio.  First thing I noticed was all the signs saying  ‘No photography’.  We was met by the manager of the studios who invited Large, He was a real fan of Main Source and wanted to meet him.  He went onto ask a few questions to the group then giving us a full tour of Abbey Road Studios, including The Beatles Room where there recording equipment is still kept.

We was then led to the top floor to join Nile Rodgers who was gracious and so happy to have us all there.  I sat there as he offered his services to the group, He would love to play on a Main Source Record .  It’s amazing to see how much Main Source’s music has had an impact on very serious musicians,  We were amongst people who worked on David Bowie’s music.  A number of great musicians and engineers.  I felt like a fly on the wall but infact they wanted me to part of the project.

We was later invited to a session with David Bowie’s team.  Where later we was put under the spotlight and I got to ask the crew a few questions.


This turned out to be a incredible day.  On parting we joined Nile Rodgers in The Beatles Room where  we worked a  session, later we were left in the room to our devices to work.  I have some video but in respect to the Beatles I’m holding on to that.

I really appreciate the guys reaching out and asking me to join them.  I appreciate the friendship and respect they have for me. It means a lot.  I left there motivated.  It’s not a easy being an artist in the UK, every day its a feels like a battle but irrespective of all the challenges I /we, can not stop the inner drive and need to be busy and create.  Interesting I warned the organisers of the BMA’s after winning that, that I would not make it easy for anyone to follow in my  footsteps they unleashed a beast.

Returning to my home I had Former Beatminerz Producer Baby Paul staying at my home alongside Supa Emcee who people may remember from the movie 8 Mile battling Eminem.  I got to Listen and review their project.

Looking at Paul, I told him he’s got something big there.  The guy sleeping on my sofa has everything it takes to be the next big rap superstar.  totally out of my realm.

If marketed right, with some strong videos and visuals I’ll put money on him becoming a household name.  There is a gap in the market for him and i think it’s time the industry presented a new new face.

I’m going to watch their project closely, even though they asked if they can holla for me to review their progress.  I really wish them all the best.  I love to see my friends get productive and do well, to see them exercise their visions.  In this age of do it your self.  Everyday presents a challenge.  The challenge is to create the solution.  That is what motivates me and the people around me.





Power of Now – New Video – Diceman – Bean Piez

The third video taken from the Limited Edition Pressing Power of Now.  Only 500 pressed of this genuine soon to be classic.  A huge thank you to everyone that purchased the LP in week 1. If you still you are not convinced here is video number 3 Bean Piez produced by J Depina and Key Figures

This was the first video I shot whilst in NYC.  I can remember landing the Friday Evening and shooting this Saturday morning.  By the afternoon I had edited the video and had it ready to present.   If you are record collecter or true hip hop fan this is the one record if you miss you will be kicking your self.  Hip Hop at its best for 2018.

Buy your copy here.




After 2 years working on this project.  We are proud to present DICEMANS – THE POWER OF NOW LIMITED EDTION LP.  With music production from Key Figures and J Depina.  The second lp from the series Looking for the perfect Beat the movie directed by Pritt Kalsi which features the DICEMAN and group he comes from THE LEGION. 

From start to finish this lp is packed 21 pieces of music.  The Bronx is Back in effect.  We agree and firmly believe that you can drop the needle anyone this record and you will be pleased.  No features other than 1 track featuring the Legion the album is going back to a time where one MC can hold his own.  This is the Diceman.  Lots of thought and care, passion went into the making of this lp, it goes more than the music, from the artwork, its conception, turning it into the physical. We got special access to the plant and where taught how to make the vinyl ourselves.  The videos we shot ourselves. This is a labour of love and more than 25 years of experience on both our parts.  Both of us felt we had something to prove, joining forcesto deliver this a true hip hop classic.

Order yours now from the kingofthebeats storeShipping date Dec 1 2018.  Also look out for the behind the scenes makingof the record coming soon.

In the mean time we present you the POWER OF NOW. two tracks taken from the lp to launch this lp.

Bobbito Garcia presents Rock Rubber 45’s,

Whilst in the UK promoting his and Stretch Armstongs film a few years ago.  I got to meet the guys in Birmingham.  I went there to see there film and speak to Bobbito.  To show him some of the footage I shot with him almost 20 years ago.

I met him through DJ Moe Love from the Ultramagnetic M.C’s whilst working on my film.  He had totally forgot about our meeting.  I look a lot different now.  He mentioned he was looking for any footage of himself from the past.  I had an interview I shot in his appartment which I had no problem passing on to him.

It’s nice to see something I did, be used correctly with full credits given.  It’s a film that chronicles Bobbito journey.  From his personal battles, his passion for Basketball, Sneakers, Radio, Djing and film.

You can purchase the film here.

Catch the man himself in London


BMA Best Producer 2018


3 weeks ago I learned I had been nominated for the title, Best Music Producer 2018.  The newly launched Birmingham Music Awards (BMA’s) Is the Brain child of Dean Williams and Jo Jeffries who was in the group Atomic Kitten.  Alongside their partners they saw and exercised on their vision of creating an celebratory event that recognized musical and associated talents past, present and future.

Birmingham is the second Largest city in the UK but far too often gets overlooked, it was the home of Black Sabbath, Led Zeplin,  Napalm Death, Duran Duran, Ocean Color Scene, The Streets, UB40 and many more bands and artists too many too mention.  A very working class city that was rich in  Reggae culture, metal, punk, Soul, Jazz scene and later a Thriving hip hop scene. Today it boasts as the capital of Grime Music with some of its top artists hailing from the city that gave you the industrial revolution.

I had no idea what the BMA event was about and weather to even take it seriously until I was directed to the website and read about the people involved.  Although I make music,  produce and make records, shoot photography,  create artwork and video’s I’ve never felt a part of the ‘industry’  I just do what I do because it needs to be done.   Although I have been doing this since a child I really came into the scene as the music industry changed.  Many labels folded and the record deals were not there, the teams of people who worked behind the scenes to make a artist successful were not there to turn too.

This opened the doors to people like myself who of a creative nature, who have the passion and drive to help turn projects into something MORE.

I really pride myself on my art and more so my integrity.  I don’t swing to the left or the right, I’m all about Grass roots hip hop.  2 turntables a mixer, drum machine and a bunch of records. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel.  I see it one way and that is its either a good or bad record and i’m only about good records.

So when this event came I didn’t know how to take it, I thought just go along and enjoy the evenings proceedings and have the experience.  Hip Hop in the city although it exists is often pushed in the furthest and darkest corner and often misunderstood and underrepresented.  Not on this night.

For my 20+ years Ive worked independently without sponsors on the projects I like to be involved in, through hard work determination passion and skill i’ve attracted the attention and time from some of piers. Which has allowed me to work with the some of the greatest artists who fall under the banner of hip hop.  I’m not alone there are many alike me but often we are forgotten.

So the day comes May 5th.  I arrive at the event alone for 5pm.  As I arrive Duran Durans John Taylor arrives and is sat at the table in front of me.  I just sit there enjoying a few drinks just watching the industry mingle.

Quickly this venue fills up and a buzz with artists.  They open the doors to ceremony and I decide to just sit at the back.  By then I did met someone I knew and that was Adam Regan owner of the Hare & hound located in Kings Heath.

It started to dawn on me that this is big thing.  Mid point of the event they announced  the producer category.  As the name were read out there was applauds for all respectively but when name was mentioned it was ghost town.  I’m pretty glad now that I sat the back.  The winner is, they named me..I didn’t clock at first and Adam said it you, go and have your moment.  Walking through the middle to the front to get to the stage my mind was blank.  I remember UB40 who were sat at the side of the stage were really happy for me and blessed me with some high fives.

On the stage didn’t know what to say but I remember I felt like I had to mention some of the acts Ive had the privilege to work with just so that those in the crowd could at least digest that I’m here and I have done something.

Returning to my seat it started to sink in, that Ive been living in a bubble, Ive never been part of group or a collective but still i’ve stayed loyal to this city.  My relationships were based on individual basis’s.  A lady from Sky came to me and asked had I really done these projects had I really worked on the project with Common.  I said its there you can buy it, its got my name on it.  It dawned on me that some of things I talked about to people in the passed were true.  In this bubble of hip hop community its more often the people within it that are killing the scene and stifling genuine talent and halting growth.

I remembered a conversation I had with then Zulu Queen Incheye where I pointed out hip hop won’t be saved by the people within it, we live this and do it everyday it will take just as did when Malcolm McLaren exposed it to the world someone from the outside looking at it and unearthing to the world outside it the energy and creativity from those who are true to this artform.

Later at the after party I was still a little dumbfounded and asked how this happened.  I was told 7 music professionals looked at my body of work and story and all agreed I deserved this award.  Now 2 weeks later looking back at the event I can really say this was not just win for me or The 4orce who I must really credit for the project he worked so hard on Setting Standards, this was a win for Hip Hop Music and all those that dedicate their lives to it, endless searching through crates looking for the perfect beats and grooves, who practice on turntables all hours, programming and so forth.  It’s a win for the underdog.. I really appreciate those that hit me up from people I went to school with and grew up with that saw me doing this as a kid but also The Chuck D’s and A.Gs Breakbeat Lous, The Legion who reached out to me straight away who fully understood and saw it the way I say it.

When is it the last time that in the UK has a British hip hop artist with a traditional sound won a industry award covering all genres.  It goes to show that whatever we think, still people within the music industry can look at something pure and respect its artform and those who put their heart and soul into it.


Pogo and Bunny Bread both told me to work this award and turn it into something.  Coming home to show my parents was the best thing, they understand my passion they have to deal with it, they are the ones who see their son working all hours for 25 years with very little in return. This meant more to them then it did to me.  They saw a professional acknowledgement.

I promise this I will be part not just of the Hip Hop scene but part of this fine cities music legacy.  I have that BBoy in me, the bar has been set, so take me on and beat me you have to be good and I take on and welcome any one that deserves this award.  I’m not going to make it easy for anyone..The original art form is in the building!


A.G – Night of Fire video

Over a year ago A.G. from the legendary group DITC presented me with a challenge.   He had just finished this song that he felt I could be the right person to assemble a video for.  

He liked my work on the video ‘BLOW’  and wanted to see what  I could come up with for his new recording ‘Night of Fire’.  Giving me free range he asked me to interpritate the song and create something

Over and over I listened to it.   A.G is one of the best songwriters in Hip Hop.  He and O.C are among my favourites, maybe its the way he writes, I always felt on his latest material its about reading between the lines, what is he trying to say, what point is A.G making.  I felt the song was provoking and required some very proking images, some of them quite disturbing but for me where much needed.  I didn’t want to sugar coat anything and appreciate that A.G gives me 100% freedom to create on this.  I will say Blow was a joint effort, as once i presented the video he offered some input that I did take on and made changes.

Working along A.G for some while I’ve noticed there has been an evolution and growth in his art.  Speaking with him he is very conscious of the world around him and the fact that he does have great power in his writing, and that using the gift he’s been blessed with to put out music that speaks to world touching on some of the very uncomfortable realities which irrespective of one’s location, whether it be forest projects or Birmingham City UK, Somewhere in Poland, Burma or Bangladesh as example that he speaks to us all.

I like working with M.C’s like A.G and I’m very picky who I choose to work with, The music has to have substance otherwise I just don’t have anything to offer.  Subtitles has become a thing for me.  In this age of unprovoking songwriting and in my personal opinion an amateur level of rap, A.G and those like him who are very clever songwriters appeal to all ages, all races and I feel yes there are young people who are still looking for something with substance and thought-provoking.  So its become important to me to add subtitles so where ever you are in the world having the subtitles allows all to digest and decipher what A.G is saying.

I can remember presenting the video to A.G who had no idea or any inclining of what I was putting together.  I won’t repeat what he said to me, but his response let me know that I hit the mark.

If you are looking for an album of substance, your money will be well spent on THE TASTE OF AMBROSIA, order your copy here.


Record Store Day – Common, produced by No. I.D out now. Black Pegasus Records.

This project has been in the making for the last 6 months.  I have worked alongside Marc Davis owner and Founder of Black Pegasus Records for over a decade on a number of projects. 

Like the Ultra 45s here is another record for record store day.  As pure and grassroots as it comes.  Marc went to school with Common and No I.D, as children they shared their journey and love for music together.  Common went onto be Oscor winner artist and No I.D the C.E.O of Def Jam.  Marc held onto the demos they made so many years ago.  Common had forgot about them and was pretty amazed Marc had held onto them for so many years.

Knowing that Marc was on his own journey Common and No I.D embraced his ideas and vision and independence.  i remember getting the call where Marc left Common after a meeting in their home city of Chicago where Common gave him his blessing to put them out.  What ever you need, ill support the project.

Imeidatly we got to work.  My role then was to create the logo and artwork.  We came up with the name Seven Sense, a play on his original name and that the format would be 7 inch singles.  Marc asked me if i could revamp Commons original logo.  Create the label and cover.

As busy as Common is he promised he would be onboard and support Marc.  I admire that, Marc built and still is building his label himself, one record at a time.  Every record supported by the artsit.  This record marks a milestone.  Here are two artists Common and No I.D that never forgot where they come from , they returned to support thier old friend.  Black leaders supporting a Black eneterprise.

As Marc worked on the manufacture of the record my role was to guid him and help execute and deleiver a promo video.  Again praise to Common who whilst filming in L.A worked alongside us to deliver what we needed.

Cop your copy of real record store Gem, another holy Grail from Black Pegasus.  

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