New Episode from BCU Food Stories project.

Episode 3

Here is the 3rd Episode from our India 75 food stories. In partnership with BCU (Birmingham City University) the team of Pritt Kalsi (UK) & Amar Kate (India) once again to continue our food-themed stories.

This episode features Kulwant Kaur, Inspired by her parent’s kindness to others embarked on a journey to address the growing issues of homelessness in Southall, west London. through donations, her mother would cook and distribute food to those in need. her mother who was a practising Sikh believed in the idea of Seva ( Selfless service to others).

Kulwant further looked at the issues and challenges faced by the Homeless where a lot of the time English is not their first language have very little awareness of places and services that can help them. Not alone Kulwant is supported by many members of the Southall Community who want to help. This film looks Kulwant’s story to further raise awareness of her work and cause.

When we originally started the project our main theme was identity and how food is a constant reminder of who we are and where we came from. In this film, you will see how the community prepares and distribute food, in many cases a reminder of home and some of the flavours that for even a small moment comforts them.

We would like to pass on our regards to the Matharu family and pay respects to Mrs Surjit Kaur who sadly passed on while making this film.

If you have a passion for the food of India, we are looking for people who want to share their Indian food stories. Please feel free to contact me.


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