Introduction Ep 1 from the new studio workspace.

It’s been a difficult 2 years for most of the world.  Since taking the leap into becoming an independent creative, I must say its been a challenging journey.

Its always been a distant dream in the past to have my own work space.  Just over one year ago I began making that dream a reality.  With the help of my family and good friends we took to building a studio. 

Over the many years I had not realized how much stuff / work I had accumulated.  Filling my house.  Waking up in the morning I was surrounded by my creations or records.  My come was not a traditional home as many people in the UK are use too. 

I needed to create some separation, detaching myself from work and having a home space.  I could not afford builders or contactors to do the build with all the rising material costs, so I took it upon my self to build it.  Thanks to guys like Brett Knight my old class mate who really had the skills to execute and help plan the build, Andy, Glyn, Larry, Dave, Ian and Dean who all helped out along the way.   

It has taken a year to build the studio and now that we are almost complete, it is time to put out some positive energy and make known my skillsets and abilities and availability to help you or your brand, organisation with your projects. 

From WordPress Websites, managing.  Video filming, editing, Photography, art direction and project management, mentoring and help developing others, my space accommodates all of these. 

I recently started a label and clothing brand which I will be running from here a lot more efficiently then in the past.

As of today look out for a weekly podcast update where I will be discussing some of the projects I have worked on and currently working on.  Some episodes my may feature special guests who pass by to discuss creativity and their world.

So please tune in and subscribe.

If you would like to contact me for possible work or collaborations, please feel free to contact me.


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