NetFlix Prep – short film

Netflix embarked on a campaign to search for the next generation of documentary film makers from the UK. They were looking for film makes to pitch their ideas giving examples of some of their work.

I thought of this as a great opportunity to possibly present my film to the network. In addition to the video evidence I submitted I also made this shirt film taking a look behind the scenes and the man who for 25 years funded his dream whilst working in a factory on midlands wages.

Unfortunately I did not get selected by Netflix, however I will make my video evidence public just incase there are any people or platforms interested in speaking to me about my work and project.

I would like to thank all the people what took part and supported my efforts. Ray West, A.dee, Dexter, Jazzy Jay, Jason Coombes, Mazena, Stuart Myers, Andy Higgs, 4orce, Jay King, Gordon, Breakbeat Lou, Diceman, Marc Davis, Phat Hary & Big Gordon, Tony,Nathan & Jason from AM Screenprint Mikey Blue Eyes. Luke (drone) my mother and father for taking part.

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