40 OZ Saga – remote production

Here is an example of my work which I was able to conduct remotely from home here in the UK. The 40 Oz Saga is a talk show filmed in Seatle. It is still in it’s early stages.

I was asked to get involved in the pre-production stages by producers and hosts Diceman and Ron Hygh. There was months of zoom meetings involved getting to know Ron and the team at Mobb Studios.

Together we worked on establishing a concept, a brand and an presentation that would be filmed within a 2 day period. My role was to direct the scenes and cameras and on the back end to edit the final show. To accomplish this, I had to have meetings with the production team where we talked through the tech and the scenes.

Im glad to say everything ran smooth and that having access to the studios network allowed me to take footage from them as they were uploading it from my home in the UK.

This reminds me of my time working with DJ Disk but with a lot more responsibilities and large number of people to delegate with. If you have a production where ever you are in the world I can work and assist from here in my home. I will be an asset to your production and team.

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