New Chapter -Embarking on as full-time freelance Artist.


This post marks a new chapter in my life.  For so many years people have been telling me that  I should have gone for it as an artist.  Of course, it has always been a dream of mine to do that since a child.

Fear of the unknown has always prevented me. That and the responsibilities of a house and all that comes with it.  The 2020 Covid period presented an opportunity for me.  For those that follow my blog or know me will know for many years, I had been working on my film.  The time needed to focus on it became shorter and shorter as the Label I was record label I was building drew most of my time.

For 16 years I had been working 3 shifts and doing all this music and art stuff on the side.  From Filming, Editing, Photography, Painting, Designing, producing music arranging Albums, mentoring others I did it all outside my work hours.

As thousands of people across the land and the world, the aftermath of this pandemic is beginning to reveal its self.  Companies are losing business and companies have to restructure.  I have found my self in this new position.

I was furloughed back in March. Thinking it would only be for 2 weeks I got stuck into my film.  Looking at this as opportunity to get some work done.  I would get up 4am every morning and edit until I dropped.   I also discovered Zoom, so my evening was spent having online meetings were using the screen share I was able to screen the film as I was working on it.  Discussing scenes.  Listening to others people views I would make notes and throughout the following day make edits.

Two weeks become 8.  I never left my home other than going to the local supermarket one time a week.  I just worked non stop.  I was fuelled by the sad news I was learning daily of friends and family passing over this time.  I love 3 family members and 5 friends over this time.  2 of my closest friends also suffered with the virus and managed to fight it off.  This brought on the realization at the time that If I go, I got nothing to leave.  My film is what I’m meant to leave behind me. So I focused on it.

Thinking I would be returning to work at some point. 8 weeks turned to 10.  Now things are clear.  I have entered new territory.  I had never been funded or sponsored for my work.  My job paid for it all.  Coming to terms thinking forward I’m going to make a go of it. I have to try once in my life.

A few people suggested I should look at to try to get some support Which is what I am presenting here today.  It was pointed out to me that I’m very poor at self-promoting.    I don’t shout about my self, or my skillset and what I am actually capable of doing.

This is a new chapter, a new beginning for me. To make a living of my art. To use the skill sets I’ve gained to earn for my self.  Using my photography, filming, and editing skills to earn a buck as they used to say.  I can only ask that those that understand the situation also champion me, and of course, that is your choice.

One of the streams I’ve set up Patreon Page. Where for your support as a supporter you can not just support me, but be part of my journey.  With exclusive rewards for your support.

The video at the top of the page is a short version introduction to my page.  Here Below is the greater detailed version.  If you think I’m worthy of your support, even if its a share. It is much appreciated.






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