AG – Blow Video

A.G with out a doubt one of the greatest M.C’s of all time. An artist that has got better and better over the years, as Sparkii Ski put it earlier. One of those Golden Era M.C’s that you never get tired of hearing his music, he has took it to another level.

I’ve known AG for some years, In fact AG was one of the few people that reached out to me in my most difficult times. Aside from that he and Ray West forged their very independent record label Red Apples 45 that put out some of the most interesting project out of the last few years.

I can not remember how I heard the track BLOW, but I heard it early. I loved this track and for some time I wanted to have a go at creating something different for it. Not the norm.

I approached AG and he welcomed me to put something together. I did a rough first edit for which he liked. He suggested a few changes which again I have to hand to him..Like Diamond D, AG will work alongside you turning what was an idea into real piece.

So here it is, my video for the song Blow. No prizes for guessing which movie I sampled.

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