Behind the scenes, DJ Jazzy Jay after hours workouts

As long as I have known Jay and im pretty sure anyone who knows him will agree with me, Ive never met any DJ any where who practices and jams out any where near as much as he does.

If its not here in England weather its my home or Damian’s. England is not Like NYC Jay will Jam out all night on the turntables. Turning my neighbors all against me. That evening I was working the night shift. So Jay being Jay would practice. I’m grateful that my neighbors were cool once I explained who he was in the morning. Living at Jay’s families home is an experience I will cherish and never forget. There was never a night that he never got on the turntables.

I remember the very first time I met Jay in NYC and I was taken back by his passion for music. I can remember he was talking about records that we all know as being the staple breakbeats that we all have as if he just discovered them that day. I know he has been playing them already for the last 30 years but still he is so excited and inspired by them. He lives for the music. Its not a part of his life that he switches on when its called of him to do so, he is the music.

I’ve been many times to his spot, but I’m going to write about my last trip.   This was November 2014. Jay is one of the pioneers of Hip Hop culture. His contribution is vast, To this day he never stops being creative and innovative I know so. His work with Rane and Serato is testament to that. Jay the producer who produced producers has always been in tune with technology. So much so these days you will find him working close with the likes of Dean Standing of Rane.

I had arrived and he’s been working with this new mixer of his. Personally Ive love vinyl, I love to buy records but even I have to take my hat off to serato as tool it has taken DJing to another level. As a DJ who loves to cut doubles this thing will help you develop fast. Touring on the Main Source ‘F what you think’ tour it allowed me to cut doubles of the album for which there was never an instrumental pressings. I will not touch no CD’s. Anyway my life at Jays and purpose of being there was to work on my film. Every morning I would leave out 7 am to return all hours of the night. I would always return to find Jay in the Dungeon as we call it, the studio where he will be on the turntables. I would sit and watch him with a few beers at side until the early hours of the morning. Normally 5am. We would just mix and cut records all night.

If anyone has seen those youtube interviews of Arnold Swatznegerrer he often explains his passion for body building and desire to be the best he could be. He put his heart and soul into training. No mobile phones or mickey mouse stuff as he says. Jay is the same. He is in his own world in front of those turntables. He explores sounds and what this mixer will allow him to do with them. The film above is 25 minutes shot by myself with 2 cameras just giving you an insight in what goes on every single night at the dungeon. If you was to the maths. Pretty much all DITC members come from Jays Dungeon. He is a very special person who passion and dedication to music spreads ignites and inspires the likes of me who is as an artist my self-looking for guidance. We knock back a few beers courtesy of the local shop who know when I come through I’m picking up for Jay and just mix. Just imagine this man has been doing this since 70’s. This is real passion. This is not cool but damn inspiring and motivating. Enjoy.

Thankyou to Jays Family, Mrs Jay & also Bobby Cowan, Fred Beanz and Breakbeat Lou For info on booking Jazzy please contact me.

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