Tha 4orce – Mind Tha Gap Radio Show Promo

It’s been a long time since I tuned into any Radio Show to be honest.  Still haven’t recovered from the poison Westwood started to play on Radio 1.  That music killed my brain cells.  If it’s not the mainstream from the USA its the Grime and mainstream from the UK, I can’t escape the noise.

Like many people, I used to crave for the weekends Radio Shows. Making sure that I’ve been to Richer Sounds to get myself a fresh cassette tape to record the weekends entertainment.  The talk of the week was not what happened on East Enders but ‘did you hear that new track from so or so’.  The next mission was to head down to the record store to see if they have got the 12 inch single in. Exciting times, I’m sure many of you will agree.

These days I look to online stores to see whats out now, check out the player, or see what gets posted on facebook. The passion I used to have for listening to the Radio has recently come back, thanks to my partner in things audio creative THA 4ORCE.

Steven Ellington got down with King of the Beats Project a few years ago. He’s helped me on the label, but also joined me on a few trips to NYC.  He played a huge part in the last trip helping in the production of the upcoming film ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’.  He recently got a prime time slot on Itch Fm.  Maybe I sound a bit bias but we have very similar tastes in music.  I love Hip Hop music made with samples, that boom bap, jazz groove, that East Coast NYC sound.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not hating on the UK, because there are plenty of UK producers who captured that sound. Samples, Beats and Grooves, Chemo and Sparkii Ski seems to be killing it right now. This show is me.

The Formula is what you expect from any good Hip Hop Show, turntable skills, doubles and mic skills.  Dedicated to new music only.  For dinosaurs like myself its great to hear new music that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that hip hop is alive and kicking.  Along side Photographer Andy Higgs we shot this piece to help promote the show.

After shooting this a week later we heard of the sad news of Choice FM letting DJ 279 go.  Replacing him with Westwood.  Maybe its even more important these days that we do pay attention to the Radio.  For so many years it has been the sauce and avenue to hearing new music.  You can tune into the Mind Tha Gap Show on Fridays 8pm -10pm at

P.S This Radio Show has nothing to do with me, Its Steven Ellington’s Show.

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