Japans 5th Element Pay a Little Visit

Over a year ago I was contacted by a team from Japan called 5th Element.  Three journalists who have a passion for hip hop culture and using it as a tool to communicate and deliver knowledge to the people of Japan. 

Politically and socially motivated, the Team consisting of Keiko Tanaka, Miki Noda and Chieko Tamakawa connected and formed their organization.  One of their events was the Remix Film Festival which was held last year.  I was contacted by Keiko who had seen one of my films.  She was very keen to screen it and asked if I would allow them too.

Chieko who is a very experienced journalist and writer, who’s work has appeared at TED.com, Amnesty International, WIRED.jp and Democracy Now! Japan offered to translate and create Japanese subtitles for my film. Surprisingly this week Chieko made a trip here to the UK this week, She wanted to meet me and do some research towards a new project.  It so happens she caught me on my week off, I was spending it here at home working on my new film.

Sat at my side she assisted me as I produced and put together the trailer for the coming Looking For The Perfect Beat movie.  We took a little break and headed into the city where i shot this piece, introducing her and her group to the UK.

I would like to thank the 5th Element team for there time and support for my work.

Performance Shoot for Jeru the Damaja 25.05.2013

Recently I shot this video for Jeru the Damaja.  For many years I have been filming private videos for recording artists for them and their families.  Jeru after watching the film I shot for him requested that this film was shared on the net.

Along side my team here at Prittkalsi.com we offer the service for videoing your event or show.  We have a professional approach, turning up early planning the shoot.  We offer full sound recording and professional Editing.  For further info feel free to contact the team, on our contact page.

Tees – Behind the scenes.

Since I was 17 years old I had been using local printers AM Screen print to print my Tees.  A family Run business, they have supported my work for many years.  It started with me getting one off prints done for my self, graffiti scribbles and photo prints.

After meeting legendary Graff Artist THE ARTFUL DODGER who made a big impact on me,  together we formed our company printing Tees with designs created by the two of us.  Although it was a short lived experience to this day we still once in a while create a few new designs.

When I formed King of the beats one of the first things I wanted to get back into was the printing of Tees.  Chris Malbon the man behind the design of this site was the man who also created the King of the Beats Logo was the creator of my first Tee shirt available for the new brand.  I went onto design a few other shirts available from the site.  A.Dee the Artful Dodger created two shirts that are also available.

To give people a insight to the behind the scenes of the KOTB machine.  I shot this video.  I am firm believer in supporting local business’s.  Tony, Nathan and Jason at A.M Screen print are good people and provide a great service.