Oxygeni Promo Add

Recently directed filmed and edited this add for a local business. I enjoy working together with Andrea on this project.

Visual promotion is very vital to help raise awareness of your services and products. This was shot in a day. Huge thanks to Natasha for being the model. If you would like some video production for your business or even pod cast please feel free to contact me.

Sneaker Project, First of its kind.

As a child I remember going to sport shops collecting broachers of the latest sneakers and what lines were coming out.  Nike and Adidas used to print these pamphlets that I would from store to store looking for. 

I would take them home using them for inspiration drawing and designing my own Nike Shoes.  The very first pair of Sneakers I got that I considered a quality pair of sneakers was Nike Bongos costing a mighty £14.  That was a lot of money for us. 

Who would think that boys dream would become a reality one day.  I always liked footwear but personally, I would not consider myself a sneakerhead like the many of people out there that are real sneakerheads.  I know what I like and Im not really of fan of space shoes as mentioned in the Main Source Record Fakin the Funk.  Even my brother Chuck Chillout we are very vocal on the anti space shoes path the sneaker world has taken. 

Fast forward some 30 + years.  I found myself in a position where my personality today is very different to the person the kid I was back in 1984.  As an artist, I pride myself on my integrity and word.  I was let down by someone that fuelled a moment of anger that lead me to design and create a fake sneaker. 

Over the years I have earned the respect and time for a great many crews and artists I grew up admiring.  Very connected to some very serious artists who I have a special access too.  After presenting this fake advert I created to Marc Davis we discussed presenting it to the CEO of very large Brand that we found his details on Linked in.  Within 1 hour we was contacted the conversation really focused around we want to make these sneakers. 

A few meetings later It was agreed that I would design the sneaker and the box.  Alongside Marc Davis of Black Pegasus Records and the CEO we presented an idea to take the project one step further.  Suggesting the idea the Sneaker should come with a cassette album of some sort to mark this very special project. 

Alongside the group which we presented the idea too once we had agreed on everything has now supplied the audio content. 

I’m very proud about being part of this project and how this project came about.  Pure Hip Hop. Making something from nothing.  This sneaker first will probably slip by most people but for those that fans of the 80s golden era.  This is a must-have.

Shaw Theatre Project – 13.11.21 Update

Thanks to all pre=ordering the artpiece.  Here is an update on the project.  We received the Test pressings yesterday.  Which I have approved.  So the pressing will go ahead.  All the components such as the book and Poster are here.  We are now looking still for a factory space location to paint the artwork.  We apologise for the delays but I can assure you the project is moving forward.

Please bear with us and look to the site for future updates.