Hockley Social Club

Jack and James who were part of the team behind Digbeth Dining Club one of the Cities most exciting weekend spots have started their own new venture Hockely Social Club.

In the industrial part of the city. Hockley you will find real old school wholesale companies still bearing the number 021 on the shop signs. Among them you will find HSC a large factory space turned into a dining and drinking venue. Also attached to the venue is the new home of Cafe Artum the record store and coffee shop.

James approached me about joining his team of DJs to play at the venue. You will find some great DJs at HSC including E Double D who has been at the helm of the ship championing Hip Hop in the city for many years as well as Bunny Bread.

If you would like to hear my spin on Hip Hop Culture music please come join me on Thursdays.

40 OZ Saga – remote production

Here is an example of my work which I was able to conduct remotely from home here in the UK. The 40 Oz Saga is a talk show filmed in Seatle. It is still in it’s early stages.

I was asked to get involved in the pre-production stages by producers and hosts Diceman and Ron Hygh. There was months of zoom meetings involved getting to know Ron and the team at Mobb Studios.

Together we worked on establishing a concept, a brand and an presentation that would be filmed within a 2 day period. My role was to direct the scenes and cameras and on the back end to edit the final show. To accomplish this, I had to have meetings with the production team where we talked through the tech and the scenes.

Im glad to say everything ran smooth and that having access to the studios network allowed me to take footage from them as they were uploading it from my home in the UK.

This reminds me of my time working with DJ Disk but with a lot more responsibilities and large number of people to delegate with. If you have a production where ever you are in the world I can work and assist from here in my home. I will be an asset to your production and team.

No I.D. Thow Your Hands UP 45

Marc Davis the engine behind Black Pegasus Records and I have been friends for many years now. Recently he asked me to be involved in his project with No I.d.

Those that are aware of No. I.D will know he came up with Common and Kanye West hailing from the Chicago area. Marc actually went to school with him and Common. This put Marc in the position owning lots of exclusive material.

My role is this release was create the artwork for the record as well as editing this footage together they sent me to help promote the single.

NetFlix Prep – short film

Netflix embarked on a campaign to search for the next generation of documentary film makers from the UK. They were looking for film makes to pitch their ideas giving examples of some of their work.

I thought of this as a great opportunity to possibly present my film to the network. In addition to the video evidence I submitted I also made this shirt film taking a look behind the scenes and the man who for 25 years funded his dream whilst working in a factory on midlands wages.

Unfortunately I did not get selected by Netflix, however I will make my video evidence public just incase there are any people or platforms interested in speaking to me about my work and project.

I would like to thank all the people what took part and supported my efforts. Ray West, A.dee, Dexter, Jazzy Jay, Jason Coombes, Mazena, Stuart Myers, Andy Higgs, 4orce, Jay King, Gordon, Breakbeat Lou, Diceman, Marc Davis, Phat Hary & Big Gordon, Tony,Nathan & Jason from AM Screenprint Mikey Blue Eyes. Luke (drone) my mother and father for taking part.

Corporate Videos.

If you have a business what ever it is. It has become evident that in 2021 the digital era it is important to have a presence online.

Corporate video production is the end-to-end process of making a professional video by a business, organisation or institution for communication to external or internal audiences. Content may be used as promotional videos and video marketing, recruiting videos, and for learning and development (L&D), or sales.

I am a award winning film maker, If you would like to invest in your business brand and growth and would like a video, digital production Contact me.

Stag Talks – Directed Filmed – Pritt Kalsi

In the winter I was approached by the team at Stag Digbeth to work on a project interviewing some of its patreons.

Stag Digbeth is located in Birmingham’s Custard Factory. The venue it’s self is the old space that was occupied by the legendary club the Medicine Bar. Ben & Ethan have put Blood Sweat and Tears into building this spot. The first of its kind in the UK and Barbershop and Bar in the day and club by night.

Digbeth is known as the creative hub of the city. Many of the locals use the services of the barbers at Stag. Many of them are creatives, artists and musicians. Lots of interesting people pass through the venue. Ethan asked me if I would like to come in and film and document photographer Peter Medlicott as he did his work. This is what I created. Armed with 2 cameras and pin Mic. Please note the photogrpaghy docuementing the shoot is my photogrpahgy.

I am available to Direct, produce, film and edit. If you are interested in hiring me to produce a film or content to help your brand, im worth. Feel free to contact me.

Reframed – Arts Project.

Last year I selected to join Reframed Team to take part in a project that looked at the challenges faced by people in the city of Birmingham in what was the first lockdown.

I wanted to see and look at how small businesses in the inner city areas coped and managed through what was the early stages of the pandemic. A lot of these business are run by families and English may not be there first language. Many of them where left to their own devices, implementing their own action plans to combat the virus whilst making sure they created a safe working environment.

In 2020 I had been working for a company within the Automotive industry. Many meetings involving managers and business partners took part. Action plans and directives were made and implemented through the company family, very different to the corner shop run my mom and dad.

The New Art Exchange commissioned me to make a short film looking at this.