Main Source – Nile Rodgers – Abbey Road Studios


For Many years I have worked off and on with the group Main Source. Founding members K-Kut and Large Professor have always supported my work and have taken part in my films.  Outside of the music we are friends.

2017 saw the 25 years Anniversary of the Classic Album Breaking Atoms, one of the best records ever made.  The Group flew me over to NYC to join them for the SOBS show.   My role was to help document the night.  It’s no secret that the groups history hasn’t been best one. Imagine they were 17 year olds with big ideas and talent that delivered songs that made them superstars they were under the spotlight, delivering classic 12 after 12.

25 years later, a lot older a lot wiser to the business,  both Large and K-Kut became Main Source again to perform for their fans, giving them the Main Source Experience.   This time was about friendships being rebuilt. I got to  witness and experience this moment as it happened.

2018 The group returned to the UK for a one off show at London’s Cargo.    We also made a guest appearance at Brixtons Hip Hop Chip Shop. Thank  to all that made the shows.

I left the following morning returning to the midlands, to continue my work on the Power of Now Project.  In the Evening XP called me and asked if I would like to Join him at a session at The Beatles Abbey Road Studios with the music Legend Nile Rodgers.  My first thought was your kidding, maybe you guys are drinking.  I’d love to but call me tomorrow, to let me know your serious.

Next day they called.  ‘We serious’ we want to do something for you’ they said.  So I drove to London and joined them.  I got the Studio and hour before them.  Both Large and Kev pulled up in a Taxi and together we entered the studio.  First thing I noticed was all the signs saying  ‘No photography’.  We was met by the manager of the studios who invited Large, He was a real fan of Main Source and wanted to meet him.  He went onto ask a few questions to the group then giving us a full tour of Abbey Road Studios, including The Beatles Room where there recording equipment is still kept.

We was then led to the top floor to join Nile Rodgers who was gracious and so happy to have us all there.  I sat there as he offered his services to the group, He would love to play on a Main Source Record .  It’s amazing to see how much Main Source’s music has had an impact on very serious musicians,  We were amongst people who worked on David Bowie’s music.  A number of great musicians and engineers.  I felt like a fly on the wall but infact they wanted me to part of the project.

We was later invited to a session with David Bowie’s team.  Where later we was put under the spotlight and I got to ask the crew a few questions.


This turned out to be a incredible day.  On parting we joined Nile Rodgers in The Beatles Room where  we worked a  session, later we were left in the room to our devices to work.  I have some video but in respect to the Beatles I’m holding on to that.

I really appreciate the guys reaching out and asking me to join them.  I appreciate the friendship and respect they have for me. It means a lot.  I left there motivated.  It’s not a easy being an artist in the UK, every day its a feels like a battle but irrespective of all the challenges I /we, can not stop the inner drive and need to be busy and create.  Interesting I warned the organisers of the BMA’s after winning that, that I would not make it easy for anyone to follow in my  footsteps they unleashed a beast.

Returning to my home I had Former Beatminerz Producer Baby Paul staying at my home alongside Supa Emcee who people may remember from the movie 8 Mile battling Eminem.  I got to Listen and review their project.

Looking at Paul, I told him he’s got something big there.  The guy sleeping on my sofa has everything it takes to be the next big rap superstar.  totally out of my realm.

If marketed right, with some strong videos and visuals I’ll put money on him becoming a household name.  There is a gap in the market for him and i think it’s time the industry presented a new new face.

I’m going to watch their project closely, even though they asked if they can holla for me to review their progress.  I really wish them all the best.  I love to see my friends get productive and do well, to see them exercise their visions.  In this age of do it your self.  Everyday presents a challenge.  The challenge is to create the solution.  That is what motivates me and the people around me.





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