Here is another great project from the team at Red Apples.  I was asked by Ray West to edit this video together some time ago.  Filmed by his team I just had to put the footage together to the music. 

The Red Apples family are very unique team,that are ever growing and not just in numbers but in their sound, vision and ideas.  I have worked on a few projects with them over the years.  Kindly Ray and A.G have kindly supported my work and helped me out too appearing in my films.

I partially like this track, its right up my ally.  Soulful it feels like a jazz movement, Ray just gets better and better in fact I asked Ray of the back of this to drop a Jazz styled album together for the King of of the beats label to be part of the looking for the perfect beat series.

If your looking for a interesting listen, invest this E.P. One for the collection and certainly a record I fully recommend purchasing.   I’m very proud to of played a part in this.


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