R.I.P Remix Directed by Pritt Kalsi

Its no surprise that Supreme followed the R.I.P video with a remix. He’s been putting a lot of work into his label and has found a market for his product. Supreme for those that don’t know was part of the legendary UK Hip Hop outfit called Hijack.

DJ Supreme his full title was responsible for the sound and along side his dj partner DJ Undercover inspired the new wave of scratch DJs like Qbert that came about in the 90s. Like myself he is a creative that strives to deliver the best he can by the means that he has at his disposal.

If he and I are not inventing something we are reinventing something. This is where I think our respect for each other comes from. We still have a passion and desire to do things and feel still that we have something to contribute to this music and culture.

He approached me about doing the remix video for which was a no brainer. Along side Curoc we had a few conversations over skype to formulate some ideas of what we were going to do. The plan was simple we just had to execute it, which was easier said than done.

I must thank though some of the people who made this happen behind the scenes, Tompsta who held things together on the shoot. Andy Higgs for his support and camera work. Killaman Twice who did a great shoot of Mystro but also kindly let us use his home to shoot the scratch scenes. Cutmaster Swift and MC Mello who made it to the shoot who both make cameos.

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