From the Vault of Pritt Kalsi – Who? Ultimate Breakbeats.

Today after reading a post on facebook talking about the Octopus Breakbeats , the DJ tool that later became the Ultimate Breakbeats. I thought Id write this. The significant impact of these records alone did not only change the face and wave of Djing throughout the 80’s they still to this day play as much as an important role as they did when they first came out.

Here in the UK the Mix tape culture of New York played a vital role as did DJ’s such as Cosmic Jam who had first hand experience of what was going on in NYC when Hip Hop was being conceptualized.  The DJ played the most important role in this movement. As you saw in the Diamond D post previous, the art of cutting up breakbeats was born in the Bronx. Dj’s like and ill pick one, BAMBAATA would dig through a wide range of Genre’s of music to select grooves and what we know as breakbeats. These records would be played at the Jams and certain tracks would shine, later becoming the holy grails of breakbeats.


BreakBeat Lenny a record dealer who would go to the jams, caught onto this movement leading onto the development of the Octopus breakbeats. With his team of Diggers and Editors. Break Beat Lou and TR Love lets not forget, they would search out records for these compilations. Lou also known as Louis Flores was the man behind the edits on the records. Lenny the financier.

In the 90s I was filming on VHS the things me and my crew would get up too. I should rephrase it, it was Spara’s Crew. We followed him. This lead me to pursuing my passion for film and things creative.  Now long before there was a Facebook, Myspace or even dial up internet and even Serato I would be shooting film. Ive been consistently doing this for over 20 years. One of the very few people to do so, and probably the one person you never hear of.  I never get interviews nore press, I don’t get sponsorship or funding I do it my self.

As I discussed with my brother in arms Dexter Thibou of the Beatminerz only last week. I created my own lane. Fuck You if you do not give me a chance or believe in my ability or vision. I’m still here. I was into the Zulu Nation ideology, especially in the late 70s and early 80s I liked that. I loved Public Enemy and BDP’s inspiring music. I wanted to become empowered. When the world is against you or you feel like so, you got to stand up and fight for your beliefs. This is my DNA and time has proved that and I still carry the same values.

Shame on all those that read this and the ones that turned there backs on me on the past, if you got a problem see me.

Anyhow what matters is that the real artists, my piers I looked up too believed in me. I want to thank all those that welcomed me into their homes and allowed me to film them.


Above is an extract from one of my early films shot here in the UK and USA. The topic the Ultimate Breakbeats. The impact and influence they had here on us and the impact they had on DJ’s in Mecca New York.

I will say here in the UK, in those days information to us was very limited. This was shot well before Break Beat Lou and my self befriended each other. He has since cleared up some of the stories behind the records. I do have that film too.

Break Beat Lou will be in the UK over August 2015. If you are interested in booking him – Feel free to contact me.

 Enjoy a rare piece of film by my self. I would ask in respect do not go ripping this footage. Big thanks to Jazzy Jay, Grandmaster Caz, Charlie Chase, Grand Wizard Theodore, Afrika Bambaata, DJ Pogo, Billy Biznizz, Cutmaster Swift & Casz

Diamond D all 45 Showcase Part 2.

As promised here is part two of Diamond D’s set at London’s ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ event. It was a lesson on how to cut 45’s. For those familiar in the origins of hip hop culture will already know that the DJ played the most important role in it’s early days. From Herc, Flash, Bam came the Theodore’s, the Africa Islam’s the Charlie Chase’s, DXT and the Jazzy Jays just to name a few who took the art of Djing to another level. Cutting doubles became the norm.   Diamond D was inspired by those Dj’s. Young and inspired he became a beat digger aged around 9 years old, Djing on the block at aged 11. For those brought up in the 80’s sounds normal. I remember being a child practicing breaking. It was the time. This music, this culture came here and like a swarm of bee’s engulfed this nation, everyone was in it someway or form. So for someone such as Diamond who was living brought up in mecca New York this was his everyday and watching him perform it shows. 1452474_10206968662163477_8014892104861892924_n 10672301_10206968660923446_486313540527047274_n 11391134_10206968661643464_8083456324785462429_n 11407314_10206968660763442_4694162822405910010_n The art of cutting doubles; taking two copies of the same record and cutting from one record to the next keeping a loop going of such sounds as a drum break or groove.   Described as the peak point of the record that people dancing responded most too. The segment that M.C’s could rhyme over and rock the crowd. Diamond D is one of the masters of this. I won’t lie I came home and started practicing myself. I’m sure after watching this you will also feel inspired. If the video above is not enough, maybe the special bonus video from my personal vault below may seal the deal. This is the first time I shot Diamond D doing his DJ showcase in the UK from many years ago. Enjoy. For you UK enquires regarding Diamond D, Jazzy Jay and Break Beat Lou Feel free to Hit me up. Break Beat Lou will be here in the UK over the month of August.

I would like to thank DJ and Artist/Photographer Bunny Bread for the shots used in this article. Also got to give props to the Milkcrate Kid,  I don’t know who you are but you always posting my stuff up.


Over the last few years you may of noticed the trend of DJ’s playing 45’s. Why it became so popular I don’t know. Personally a record is a record to me, but in this world there are a few people who playing 45’s means the world to them.

Take Diamond D for instance, Many years ago I got to work with him on a show in London where for the first time I saw him playing 45’s, it was jaw dropping performance. Later I was in New York visiting Lord Finesse. I put the question to the funky man, do you go for the 45 thing? Finesse replied ‘No Pritt, that’s not me, I have 45’s but that’s Diamond thing, that’s what he does and has done since he was a kid.

Diamond himself told me that this is something he has been doing since the age of 11, and if you have seen him perform, all that practice and real love for music and hip hop shows. Last week Diamond D returned to the UK and performed at Camden’s ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’. He gave me a call and asked to join him for the show. Little did I know that he would again deliver a real master class in cutting 45’s. Diamond was amazing his skills have improved where my first thought was if I cannot do this using Serato I may as well give up.

As big as Diamond D is he is ridiculously fast on the turntables, real fast. Light fingers and years of practice and knowing his music sets him apart from most DJs who are doing this 45 thing. He, 45 King, Evil D and DJ Scratch are in a league of their own. I was privileged to sit with him in the hotel room where we prepared the records for the set. There is a process and routine he goes through for every performance. He meticulously arranges his records into 3 groups. This is someone that takes his music very seriously.

In all my years following DJ’s and practicing my self, in my direct circle of friends, there are not may DJ who navigate through the records like Diamond, Jazzy J, P-Brothers and Pogo. I’m like most DJ who cut doubles on the 1, Diamond can go from any point in the track. He can go off the 2 or 3 bar of the beat, not an easy thing to do, if you don’t believe me, try it and play a set for 2 hours, his timing is perfect. Even more impressive is his ability to recover when things go wrong. I witnessed him have problem with his needles whilst cutting up a record and swap the needles and continue cutting up the record unfazed, he did the same thing when the record was jumping. He does not panic he just gets on with it.

In attendance on the evening where a number of London’s DJ’s who with respect are great DJ’s but like my self you could see it on their faces were astonished and taken back by Diamond performance, it was a true master class. I can not take anything away from DJ Thor and Bee Shiver who deserves much props, he is one of those out standing DJ who’s mixed where seamless on the night Here is footage from the night. Part 2 uploaded soon. If you are interested in Booking Diamond D, Jazzy Jay or Breakbeat Lou you know how to reach me. Pritt Kalsi.