My mother talking sharing a digging story

Those who are familiar with my blog will know that time to time I like to write some posts about my family in relation to my art. My mother featured here before. Having ago at using sampler and building a track.

Recently she visited me and started to go through some of the records I had in my house that once belonged to her. We started to play some of them which started to remind her about her younger days looking for records. She then started to tell me some stories of digging days and her passion for music.

Going back to the year 1968, life was a little bit different for your average Indian family. There weren’t things such as the Star Plus Channel, or BBC Asia One. To watch Indian films meant you would have to go to a specialist cinema. Like many my mother would search out the soundtracks to the movies she liked. Now 70 years old If and when I can I’m going to keep for my personal record films with interviews with my family. Since the Passing of my Grand mother December 2014 marks a massive shift / turning point in my family. From the old to the new world. If can record some of them stories for future generations then I will try to document that.

I quickly ran upstairs and got my camera to recorded her tail and adventure into London alongside her sisters to search out a record for which the song and its title for its time was considered quite provocative.

Fast forward 20 years to 1988, here I am running round looking for records like she did. I think she passed on her passion for records to all her children.

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