Amsterdam 2014 Vinyl Arts Project.

Over the last year I have to be honest been very slow editing this film.  I think Im the type of person that works better under pressure have deadlines and somebody on my case only encourages me to produce and create better works.

This film has been some task. Personal issues and circumstances, dealing with depression, and someone’s constant persistent goal, determined to break me and my dreams has been some battle.

Along came along a young lady named Candy Choi. Once a young fashion Student who at one time I mentored. Originally from Hong Kong she came to the UK to study Fashion. Now residing in Amsterdam she has become a member of the cities art community.

Her and her group had decided to put together an exhibition of art inspired by vinyl. Named the ‘Vinyl Arts Project’ Candy contacted me and asked if I was still involved in the king of the beats stuff and if I was still making films.

She offered to pay for my flight and accommodation if I would be willing to show something. This is what I needed, some pressure. Of course It would be great to get out the house and go to a place that I’ve never seen. By letting Candy down I knew I would feel like crap as I knew there was a time she used to look up to me.

I got my head down to finish of a rough of the film. I know that I need to return to NYC to wrap up the shooting, but by doing this I would be able to sit and discuss with the team what is much needed to complete this.

Completing a two hour piece this film needs heavy cutting. I’d rather have too much than too little. Looking at the promotion for the event I could tell this a event marketed at younger and none hip hop audience. I thought to my self that could be turned round and utilized as some film development exercise. I could turn this into a crit or discussion with an audience that may not know what its about or who I am.

Arriving in Amsterdam I made my way to the apartment that was arranged for me, which I must say was a beautiful place. Dropping my bags I made my way to the venue. Among the hundreds of cyclists I arrived at the venue to be greeted by Martin Marsoeki a Hip Hop activist and friend of Marc Davis of whom I helped put out the Ultra 45’.

I had my own room, projector and Big screen. 3 sofas and freedom to do what I want there. It was a slow start but the surely more people would sit in on the screenings. I made it my business to make sure that people felt a part of the event. I opened my self to discussions and invited people to ask me questions about the film and give their opinions about what they saw and felt. I did film a few people so that I could not only document the event but to keep a record to view later to digest some of the people’s views. When you look at movies that make it too the big screen so much time is spent dedicated in private screenings to gain information in helping developing the project.  This was my development package.

This was a none hip hop event. The audience were young and interested in Art. Apart from Martin and legendary Graffiti writer and record Collector Cat Twenty Two there wasn’t anyone there that in my opinion really cared about records, not the way that we do anyhow.  This is our life’s passion and work.

There are some serious flaws in the film some that I spotted after seeing it on the big screen, some scenes didn’t look right. What I did like was getting the feedback from some of the people who took the time out to view the film. What I discovered was that the film lacked the information that is need to grasp the non hip hop fan. I’ve made a film that caters for the die hard digger and hip hop fan. All of my films have always been made that way. This is my first film where my target audience is a lot broader. My aim and agenda is to make a film that introduces the outside world into our world.

Since coming back I have been looking at the film, writing and planning what is needed to make this the film it needs to be.  I would like to thank the people of the Vinyl Arts Project and Hip Hop Pioneer Eljay who kindly came to hang out and see me safe to the airport.

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