Looking For the Perfect Beat – First Draft Review

Its been a longtime since I posted anything on the site. Ive been locked away getting into the movie. It’s proved to be a challenging task as for the shear amount of footage we filmed whilst we was in NYC last year.

Getting focused on the film has been difficult, the year has been a unpleasant one to say the least. Getting motivated or even staying motivated in all honesty has been my biggest problem over the last 12 months.

Over the last few months I have been really getting to it. Finishing off the first draft. Steven Ellington who was one of the crew that went out to NYC to work in the field with me to make this movie made the trip to see the first draft. Keven De Kosta who ironically I met at the BFI when the Supreme Movie was shown in London back in 2007 was one of the top men at the Arts Council who him self has put together a number of film festivals in the past also dropped by to watch the first draft.

It turned out I ended up making a 5 hour movie. Their visit helped me look at the film, give me some ideas share there opinions to focus on the task of now cutting this film down to 90 mins. Anyone who knows my work, will know that its something that I never do. A film is a long as its meant to be. This film has to be different.

I set up a camera to capture some of their opinions and thoughts about what they have seen. This is all part of the behind the scenes going on of making a independent movie. So here at my site you can share that journey.

Thank you to all those supporting me and the project.

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