To mark Record Store day may I introduce you to my all new Brand ‘DIGGERS’. Apparel for lovers of digging in those crates.

Diggers will be the parent name of my clothing line. King of the beats Clothing falls under the banner of DIGGERS APPAREL. Over the past year along side my long time creative brother Chris Malbon who I went to school with looked at the items I was selling on the site, concluding we was well out of touch.

After a few brain storming sessions and meeting with local family based printers AM Screenprint. Together we was able to develop and improve our product.

On my mission to head back to NYC we created a new range to support the film ‘looking for the perfect beat’. Although we sold a few items, I didn’t expect for miracles to happen over night. I’m in it for the long hall and I firmly believe in the product. We have great story and history within this scene.

On a personal note, I get to spend a bit more time hanging out with my mother who is ever so proud to show me her sewing skills, giving me ideas on what I can do.

Seriously with so many brands out there, I wanted not to compete but lead creatively, where I don’t have a budget to go into mass production I must make up with for it with ideas and real history within this culture of Hip Hop.

So here it is, I have created the DIGGERS Boot. No more corporate kicks for me. I will have to just wear what I got left in my collection. For my self I want to have some fun with product.

This is sales pitch.. The boot costs £100, it comes with a DIGGERS BRANDED Sweat shirt only available with the boot plus a Diggers 45’. A breakbeat or groove dug out by yours truly and sometimes some very special guests.  If that’s not a cosmic idea I don’t know what is.






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