My Mother Mrs Kalsi has a go at sampling

Christmas Eve 2013 my mother suffered a minor heart attack. Since being released from Hospital she has took it upon her self to get closer to her children. Likewise I’m trying t spend more time with my parents as they are not getting any younger and time is very precious.

My father recently took up oil painting, something that he wanted to do as a child, but in those days totally unacceptable. Mom on the other hand she’s interested in her thing textiles and cooking. Many a time prior to her getting sick they would be calling me to see i wanted to go here or there, my usual response is that Im too busy.

Saturday 11.01.14 she decided to come over to mine and see and experience the things I spend my time doing. I thought it would be fun to make some music. For those that may of seen the 2011 King of The Beats Documentary would of seen her talking about records. After arriving in the UK in 60’s. Many Asian rather then going out would pass time either watching films or listening to music, old Indian soundtracks. My mother collected those records. Something me and my brothers continued to do to this day.

Here is a video from that day. Although i picked the samples she did all the work with my guidance. Operating the Mashine her self. Chopping the samples and arranging them. playing around with EQ to tune sounds she did her self.

What i love about this video is that we often under estimate older people and their understanding and even knowledge of the things we do. Living in the same house as me and my bothers for 20 years she had to put up with us making noise, with our turntables and cassette tapes and drum machines. I think in her subconscious she grasped and had a little understanding of the music.

This video is testament that no matter what your age is, that put your mind to something you can do it, and do it right. This video means a lot to me.  She will be turning 70 this year, I would like to share it with friends, family and those that really understand the culture, concept and artistry behind sample based music.

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