Posters Due in and Ready to Ship August 30th


Posters are due in this week, ready to ship out on the 30th.  Andy Higgs pictured above, Cameraman and part of the Team that went out to the states to make this movie.  He visited me last weekend to check out the poster art and discuss some of the ideas for the book and film.

I first met Andy at one of the King of the Beats shows held at Brick Lanes Vibe Bar.  He was there taking pictures, We had talked on facebook but never met.  It appeared he was quite active on the scene.  From South London, He had been involved in a number of crews, even put out a record back in the golden era.  Lover of Records and Graff, after speaking to him he sent me some of his work, it looked great and from then on he was down. At the time I was trying to build awareness for the event we was running and his pictures captured the goings on very well.

When I made the 2011 Film Chronicling the Birth of King of the Beats Andy helped out a lot. He shot the opening scene.  Traveling back and forth from London all the time proved to be quite expensive.  Andy stepped up and took my roll and shot some great interviews for that project.

By the time we left out to NYC for this project Andy has now really taken to shooting film apposed to when I first met him and he was just shooting stills.  Invested in more gear and improved on his skills a great deal.   He proved to be a great asset to the team on the shoot, capturing some beautiful shots.   As we are trying to raise the money to finish shooting the project.  If you have checked out the trailer, you can see how we are coming.  This is a true grass roots project with a great history.


Survival of The Hardest Working? Its in my Blood.


For a good few years I have been looking for this photograph.  As in most cases it turned up unexpected this morning.  Its a solid and firm reminder to me that this is the reason I must work hard and never give up my dream. 

I can admit as a teenager I was not the ideal son.  Growing older I changed, and for the better I believe.  Those that know me very well can tell you about my attitude, personality and work ethic, striving to create and innovate.  At times I loose my way but today finding this has only re lifted my spirit.  Outsiders like Jazzy Jay and Mikey D who spent to time with me and my family soon discovered I was not born with a silver spoon.  So many people think and assume that I got it made, far from it.  I just come correct.

As a unfunded film maker and artist all I have done I have funded my self.  Working hard jobs to not only fund my work but to support my family struggling to make ends meet.  Living in Birmingham away from the capital cities distractions has always kept me rooted with the simple things in life, appreciating the little things that we take so much for granted.  I’m serious about my work, so please don’t be offended if I don’t take to your showboating and glitter and Silver sparkly outfits.  I like to surround my self by people who grind, people with a vision and a true passion for their craft.

The picture above is my Great Grandfather and my father to the right of him.  A childhood of poverty, life with no shoes, He worked every hour God sent him to give us a better life.  I’m grateful to my family that supported me with my art and dream. I know there are many of my friends who share my views and who are made from the same mold. I take my hat off to all those grinding and working hard.

Please Support The Project If You Are Feeling The Trailer


Thank you for all the support, Breakbeat Lou, Marlon Williams, Eric Orr, Too Tuff and Ray West my dear friends who really went out and blogged the hell out of this.

I have received a lot of messages asking me when will this film will come out.  There is still a lot to do and shoot, I missed a lot of people out there due to my short time in NYC.  As many of you probably could see, there is real scope here to in creating a timeless piece.

Unlike most films, this film was not funded or made by a production company.  I am regular person living not in London but just outside Birmingham City.  I work in a factory and have a passion for this culture, to do this to this has cost me more than you will ever know.

Thank fully, if it was not for the support and respect for my work from the many greats that took part, this could never happen.  If it was not for Jazzy Jay that took me under his wing after seeing how I live for himself we would not be able to document the many true artists featured.

To complete this film will take another trip to NYC.  I’m selling limited edition poster art by Chris Malbon to raise the much needed funds.  If you would like to see this film completed please support the project and purchase a Poster. Shipping Day 30th August.

P.S  if you are finding any problems with the store, please let me know.

Get the Poster Here

Exclusive Trailer for : King of the Beats – ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’

Here is a exclusive preview of the trailer for the upcoming film by Pritt Kalsi, Jazzy Jay and JFK Aman.  Currently still in post production.  Im very excited about this film as anyone can imagine, but anyone who knows me and my work will know that this is a make or break moment. 

In August 2012  Jazzy Jay spent a month here with me in the UK.  I was not in the best of state that time. Thanks to him and others who know who they are, he helped guiding me into recovery.  I started to see that I had to make some serious changes in my life.

After speaking with my family Jazzy  openly invited me to NYC to work on this project.  Leaving me to my own devices he assured me what ever I need to do he will help me achieve it.  Along side him and DJ Supreme from group Hijack I presented my idea and got the green light off them both.  I approached my friends in NYC,  the true masters, pioneers and producers of classic material and asked if they would take on the king of the beats challenge.

Filmed in Mecca New York birth place of Hip Hop.  I would like to thank Steven Ellington and Andy Higgs for believing in me, taking time out their schedule, spending their own money to travel to New York to help me make this, I believe it was worth it.  I didn’t know anything about sites like Kickstarter, this film was made able by the people who supported my art, buying prints, supporting my campaign that I went on early this year.  I would like to thank Aidan Butler my childhood friend who I bumped into in NYC after leaving the Marley Marl show, who helped us out when we had problems with one of our cameras, who offered support to the project and donated some film.  Jazzy Jays Wife who allowed me and the team into their home.  Marley Marl, Diamond D and Lord Finesse who have always given me time in NYC and UK allowing me the freedom to shoot them when ever.  Zion for putting us up!.  Phat Gary for his support and guidance, Biggest Gordon my old time friend who I was trying to find and bumped into in the street. A.GEE for the serious talk.

Unlike most films out there, this is a film made by someone still working in a factory who has passion and drive for telling a story about the culture he loves unmatched to others.  Almost 20 years and still grinding.  After making the trailer I could see the potential and power within this film. We spent 3 weeks in NYC shooting and didn’t get to shoot everyone we wanted due to schedules and even some people being carted off by the law.

Hence releasing the artwork by Chris Malbon yesterday.  If you watch this and believe in this project. Please support the campaign and purchase a print. Look out for Art coming from legendary graff artist Eric Orr who also features in the film.   To all those that took part and supported the project, those that believed in me I would like to thank you.  Real recognize the real.

Thanks to Chieko who flew over from Japan to watch me make the trailer.  5th Element who earlier today premiered the trailer in Japan.

Those that know, or experienced  what is King of the beats will know this more than a film its a movement based on a love and passion for music. Much love and respect to all the artists and friends that are part of this project

8pm today check out Tha 4orces (Steven Ellington) Mind tha Gap Show 

Exclusive Poster Artwork. Limited Edition – You Gonna Get Yours ?

CMYK_KOB_FINAL_FILM_72DPIDesigned and created by long time collaborator and friend Chris Malbon, here is a first exclusive look at the movie poster created by one of ‘Creative Magazines’ top 10 global creatives.  This is the first run of the poster and limited to 100 prints only.  Signed by the Artist Chris Malbon and Film Director Pritt Kalsi.  A2 printed on 120GSM Bond.  Money raised will go into finishing up the film and shooting missing scenes.

I remember the many phones calls me and Chris had discussing the new look KING OF THE BEATS, It was after I returned from NYC and spoke to Chris detailing my experience out there, he was inspired and came up with this design.  Inspired by Bed stuy, Brooklyn home base for me and the film crew, Andy Higgs and Steven Ellington.  He looked at the pictures we brought back of shop fronts, signs, streets and buildings, his aim was to capture the spirit of Hip Hop Culture and our time in the states.

We spent one day together having a meeting , brainstorming and planning where we wanted to go with this design.  Not following suit, artistically we wanted to present something new and fresh, injecting a little creativity and spirit into this culture we love so much.  Just as Neville Brody made waves with his work for Depeche Mode and others, this is what we are trying to achieve and translate here into Hip Hop.  Chris showed me some sketches he had made of buildings, alongside some of the current projects he was working on.  Left to his own devices Chris returned to Bristol producing this fine piece of art.

Tomorrow August 9th, is the day of the premier of our film trailer for the movie.  To coincide with the launch day we are releasing this poster.  If you are lover and supported of the culture and art and film making, please feel free to support the team, and purchase a poster.  Shipping day August 30th.

I would like to thank everyone for their support.


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Exlusive Preview for Pritt Kalsi’s Film – ‘Looking For The Perfect Beat’


This Friday.  August 9th Between 18:00 and 20:00 UK time.  There will be a exclusive preview of the new Trailer for the KING OF THE BEATS FILM – LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT BEAT.   A film by Pritt Kalsi, Jazzy Jay and JFK Aman. Filmed by Pritt Kalsi, Steven Ellington and Andy Higgs

Followed by Tha 4orcesMind Tha Gap Radio Show on ITCH FM.  20:00-22:00Tune in.

From the oldest memeber of the KOTB team. Chris Malbon

From the oldest memeber of the KOTB team. Chris MalbonVery few people in my circle or those who follow the king of the beats know much about this man Chris Malbon.  You may find it a surprise to discover that apart from my self he is the longest serving member of the team.  From its very conception he is responsible for the web design, logo designs and branding. 

We go way back, I met Chris in first school, my earliest memories of him was that we used to have drawing competitions at break time to see who was the better artist.  Those days I would say I won, I’m hoping Chris will agree.  We had a passion for art, some might say a gift for it.  I was one year above him at school and when Hip Hop arrived I quickly got caught up in it.

Because of my older brother who was into comic books, I would spend hours copying the images from Marvel Comics and the characters of R.Crumb this then manifested in me then becoming a graffiti artist.  Chris also took to the same route, although we were in different crews.

We went to the same first school, middle school and high school where we developed our skills and passion for art. This even led us to both going to the same college and studying design.  I was always in the year above Chris because of my age.  It was after we graduated things took a turn.  My obsession for Hip Hop music, scratching and film overtook my passion for design.  Chris how ever got a job in design and fully embraced it.  Through hard work and dedication he worked his way into  top design agencies in London then moving to Bristol where he is now.  From Designing Air Jordan’s, doing such work as the Coca Cola branding for the 2012 Olympics Chris has always maintained his friendship with me.

As I was developing my brand Chris always helped me.  As a Artist and Designer he over took me leaps and bounds.  From the early days, if anyone remembers he was behind that.  King of the beats Logo he was behind that.  I’ve stayed loyal to him and as busy as he is, I would rather wait a year to get something from Chris  rather then use someone else.  Recently I have been working again with Chris on some new projects, this prittkalsi website for one.  The other is the return and re brand of KING OF THE BEATS.  We have been working very hard on this.  I shooting the film in NYC and him creating the new look and the artwork to go with it.  We sat down had a number of meetings looking into really applying good design along side to the film and its culture attached.  Next week look out for a new trailer and the first look at Chris’s Work to go with the new look  King of the Beats.

Above is a piece Chris Created for a Charity Organization raising money for Cancer.

Chris Malbon :

Japans 5th Element Pay a Little Visit

Over a year ago I was contacted by a team from Japan called 5th Element.  Three journalists who have a passion for hip hop culture and using it as a tool to communicate and deliver knowledge to the people of Japan. 

Politically and socially motivated, the Team consisting of Keiko Tanaka, Miki Noda and Chieko Tamakawa connected and formed their organization.  One of their events was the Remix Film Festival which was held last year.  I was contacted by Keiko who had seen one of my films.  She was very keen to screen it and asked if I would allow them too.

Chieko who is a very experienced journalist and writer, who’s work has appeared at, Amnesty International, and Democracy Now! Japan offered to translate and create Japanese subtitles for my film. Surprisingly this week Chieko made a trip here to the UK this week, She wanted to meet me and do some research towards a new project.  It so happens she caught me on my week off, I was spending it here at home working on my new film.

Sat at my side she assisted me as I produced and put together the trailer for the coming Looking For The Perfect Beat movie.  We took a little break and headed into the city where i shot this piece, introducing her and her group to the UK.

I would like to thank the 5th Element team for there time and support for my work.