Introducing Marzena Klajbert


I want to introduce people to someone who is a up and coming photographer.  Marzena Klajbert is a young and very talented creative.  She took a serious interest into my work, from the music to the art.  Before starting my project for NYC she asked if she could take some shots of me.  It was a interesting time in my life and she wanted to capture some of what I was dealing with.

When I met her she was full of enthusiasm and excited about perusing her love for photography.  She just lacked a little self belief and confidence.  Part of what I do is helping people, creative and artistic develop them selves. I feel proud of mentoring this young lady as she is really proving to be something special with her camera.

Tees – Behind the scenes.

Since I was 17 years old I had been using local printers AM Screen print to print my Tees.  A family Run business, they have supported my work for many years.  It started with me getting one off prints done for my self, graffiti scribbles and photo prints.

After meeting legendary Graff Artist THE ARTFUL DODGER who made a big impact on me,  together we formed our company printing Tees with designs created by the two of us.  Although it was a short lived experience to this day we still once in a while create a few new designs.

When I formed King of the beats one of the first things I wanted to get back into was the printing of Tees.  Chris Malbon the man behind the design of this site was the man who also created the King of the Beats Logo was the creator of my first Tee shirt available for the new brand.  I went onto design a few other shirts available from the site.  A.Dee the Artful Dodger created two shirts that are also available.

To give people a insight to the behind the scenes of the KOTB machine.  I shot this video.  I am firm believer in supporting local business’s.  Tony, Nathan and Jason at A.M Screen print are good people and provide a great service.